Hero: Noblesville Shooting, Teacher Tackled Gunman, Saved Lives

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Indiana – Jason Seaman is a science teacher at Noblesville West Middle School. On Friday morning, when a male student shot a female student, Jason tackled the boy, who had two handguns, and during the struggle, the teacher was shot multiple times. He took a bullet in order to protect his students during the Noblesville shooting. That’s a hero.

The juvenile suspect reportedly excused himself from the classroom and when he returned, he had 2 handguns. The school does not have metal detectors. The school resource officer was present at the time of the incident, according to Fox News. The student fired shots in the classrom, and Jason “immediately ran at him, swatted a gun out of his hand and tackled him to the ground,” according to witnesses. The suspect was quickly taken into custody.

Jason Seaman is out of surgery from 3 gunshot wounds: one in the abdomen, one in the hip, and one in the forearm. He was listed as critical, but witnesses stated that he was talking as they took him to the hospital, telling his wife that he was ok.

Jason Seaman has taught science at NoblesvilleWest for around 4 years. According to the Indy Star, he also coached 7th grade football.

The Indy Star reported,
Jeremy Seaman said his brother was three-sport high school athlete in Mahomet, Illinois. He tore his ACL playing basketball in his junior year, but after several surgeries he was back on the football field in August, his brother said.

“He’s familiar with struggle and adversity,” his brother, who now lives in Arizona, said.

Nick Hill, current head football coach at SIU and a former teammate of Seaman’s, tweeted Friday that Seaman is a hero.

“He was a great teammate, one of the team’s hardest workers,” Hill said in another tweet from the team’s Twitter account. “You could always trust him to do the right thing.”

Jason did the right thing today. At the risk of his own life, he tackled the gun- wielding student in order to save the lives of his students.

“If it weren’t for him, more of us would have been injured for sure.” Ethan Stonebraker, student


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