Hennepin County Flag Replaced by Antifa Flag

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Hennepin County in Minneapolis, MN, allowed the Antifa Flag to be raised over city hall in place of the Hennepin County flag as a “gesture of solidarity” with the folks in Charlottesville. Which is a poor way of doing it – Antifa is a violent, anarchist, terrorist organization.

Minnesota has been in the crosshairs of trouble since the shooting of Justine Damond. But allowing the flying of an anarchist, terrorist flag over city hall is completely out of whack. Should they just raise the ISIS flag too and make it even?

So did the Minneapolis Police do anything? Nope – no arrests made. Is Minnesota now the territory of communists, anarchists, jihadis and nazis?

Antifa has its roots in NAZI GERMANY, as we previously reported. Putting up their flag does not send a message of “solidarity” with Heather Heyer or any other victim in Charlottesville. It sends a message of more hate, more violence.

So we will be very clear: White Supremacists, Neo-Nazis, Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and the New Black Panthers are ALL violent hate groups. They went to Charlottesville spoiling for a fight- evidenced by the fact that they were armed beforehand.

“And so we go to cause conflict, to shut them down where they are, because we don’t believe that Nazis or fascists of any stripe should have a mouthpiece.” Scott Crow, Antifa organizer

Said the Nazi to the other Nazis.

Update: protesters began burning the state flag, and a “Nazi Crucifix” as well in front of city hall. And THIS is anti-violence and solidarity with a victim. Not on your life.

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  • John Thompson

    I’m ashamed to live in Mn. (and in Hennepin County).

  • Rafael

    Why is this not actual news? Wtf is going on?

  • Indy K

    This is not the 50’s 60’s where bigotry did dominated the workforce, politics etc.
    Today everyone is equally worthless. EVERYONE has an opportunity to “come up” in the world if they WORK HARD, you can be a president, a multimillion dollar businessman, a lawer, a business owner. These excuses where folks are so called “segregated because of their beliefs or skin color” is simply an excuse for ones personal shortcomings.
    The problem is Labels, political correctness and a persons everlasting search to belong and sponser their beliefs, The fact is, there’s nothing wrong with personal identity, but pushing your beliefs on to others as an individual or as a group forcefully is simply invasive and disrespectful. You must follow protocol when your mouth is running in a public forum.
    This country was founded by individuals who knew damn well that all classes will integrate.
    Slavery was most certainly disgraceful but what the uneducated and those who simply won’t listen was Slavery was the norm, thats how is was, simple. BUT our forefathers organized laws that are relevant and universal to all Americans today, this was analytically planned out, conceived by very intelligent individuals called, our FOUNDING FATHERS, Like em or not.
    Feel privileged your not in a bread line in some other country with x54r flying past your head at 2000 plus FPS. And giving 60% of your income to the military 30% to the welfare state and 10% to your pocket.

    What made me not care so much about silly mediocrity and political BS ?
    Watching the slobber fall from my dying dads face, I knew then whats really important in this world.
    Living in peace within myself, and to others.
    Not believing in this pilgrim progress mentality that I or a few hundred likeminded individuals can influence the world…
    No one cares in the end, Its only you thats going to your death bed. No cause, no beliefs just you.
    Get busy living and shut out the hype that’s affecting us all.

    INDY K
    In The Corn

  • P Justen

    small hate groups here and there. Tell stories how one group of people are superior to another. Kill off your elderly, indigent, and special needs to form a “perfect society “. It’s all been done before and we’re heading there again?

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