Hendricks County Deputy: a Traffic Stop, and a Christmas Present

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Megan Nierman manages an Ulta Beauty Salon at a mall called the Shoppes at Perry Crossing in Hendricks County, Indiana. She had been going through hard times as a single mother at Christmastime.  Earlier in November, she was speeding along and caught the attention of a deputy. What happened after that was awesome.

“Almost a couple weeks ago now, I had just dropped Evelyn off at the sitter and I was pulled over for speeding😐…lead foot. I was nervous because I still hadn’t renewed my license plates and they expired in August (single mom probs). As soon as the officer walked up I explained that my plates were expired and I also explained my situation as to why it was (single mom, no child support, ex husband lives in another country, cost of daycare, LIFE…) and asked him to please take it easy on me.” 

Speeding…expired plates. A recipe for trouble. The officer went back to his patrol car and returned with a ticket. But…

He went to his car and came back with a ticket and an explanation: he could technically impound my car, but if I could take care of the plates within a week, I could email him and he would destroy the ticket. When my boyfriend found out about it he snuck money into my wallet to take care of it—anyone that knows me knows I don’t like to ask for help❤️ 

Sgt Evan Love was true to his word. When he learned that she took care of the expired plates, he tore up the ticket. He told her that he didn’t want to actually write the ticket and make things worse for her.

A couple of weeks later, Megan was working at her shop when a couple and their children came in. She recognized him as Sgt Evan Love, the officer who pulled her over. They handed her a Christmas card, and told her it contained “a little something” to help her through the holidays.

I teared up, hugged them and thanked them all and went back to servicing my guest with tears running down my face. After my guest left, I went to my car to open the card alone. It had a Target gift card in it for $300. To say it made my day is an understatement. Not only because of the help it will give me and my daughter, but because it showed me that kindness can come from anywhere at anytime from the most unlikely place.

Sgt Love had called his relatives and asked them to chip in on the gift card.

“The little things that you can do for people mean the most. So just throughout your day, if you can be kind to somebody, help somebody out, encourage people to do that.” Sgt Love


This is Megan’s Full Facebook post:

Featured photo: Sgt Evan Love, Hendricks County Sheriff’s Department and Megan Nierman

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