Help Us Take a Stand – We Are Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children and We Will Not Be Silenced!

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Please explain to me how a Legal Latino immigrant and US Marine veteran can get the story of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children on the news? Facebook has taken us down yet again – we need your help.

Why are people so afraid of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children to the point they need to create lies and distort the truth? What is it about our brotherhood/sisterhood that triggers so many snowflakes that they need to push false narratives and solely attack our tribe and leave others to do as they please? You want proof of bias? Even in the passive conservative movement? There’s only one conservative page out of thousands that is managed by a Communism survivor, legal Latino immigrant and US Marine Veteran, only one – and that is Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children.

“He who dares not offend cannot be honest.” Thomas Payne, April 24 1776

We have had to deal with the copycats and those trying to steal our name and recreate our following with complete failure, we’ve had the obvious silent treatment from larger conservative sites like Breitbart or Fox news etc, and the defamation of my name and character as the haters create “Russian style fake news collusions.” It is no different that the Obama admin, the FBI, and others against Trump.

Now we have to deal with the fake news of being  falsely accused of being a white supremacy group. I would laugh at the utter humor if it wasn’t that my business, our company, our tribe deserves so much better. There are no words to describe our frustration – not just mine, but the millions of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children. We are “The original Deplorables.”

Do you think we are racist for posting these kind of photos of Trump supporters?
We honor police, military service members both historically and currently
Honoring PFC Gregory Carter, finally buried with military honors after 50 years
One of our awesome supporters

We know how it feels to be falsely accused and disgusted at the silence of the media to let it happen. How soon some forget that when Obama was President, we were patriots who lead the first spark against the agenda of the Democrats to destroy our country because I am a Communist survivor and understood the signs.

So now we are white extremists? When did my brown skin and my views became one race? I challenge anyone to show me how and when we have ever promoted such extremism? Yet, communist Antifa, Black Lives Matter and  Louis Farrakhan and his Nation of Islam  get to carry on with their hate and call for attacks on our LEO’s. Why?

When did my brown skin become white? As if being proud of your race is a bad thing. People should be proud of whatever their heritage might be, whatever color their skin happens to be. That’s part of being human. When did being a Latino immigrant who has truly experienced communism, who earned the title US Marine and loves the USA become a threat to our society? Why did a minority like myself have to endure so much discrimination from Social media? I am not a hero, I don’t claim to be, but do not tell me that my message is more provocative than others.

Who helped push the lies of Hillary on her involvement with Benghazi?  Who helped Dinesh D’Sousa share his story and the discrimination he dealt with? Or share his movies and books as well as others? Who helped break the story of the VA Scandal? Or the Harry Reid Chinese collusion scandal? Who helped many Veteran groups and Veterans who weren’t able to get their stories out to find a home at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children? How many folks did we help in Texas and Florida when we filled two warehouses with a million dollars worth of supplies and relief for the hurricane victims? Got beer companies to bring water and Camping World to deliver it? Who helped feed the US Marines in Katy, Texas and the National Guard in Naples? Who delivered 300 donuts and pallets of water to the Naples Police? Who shook the hand of President Donald Trump in Naples, Florida at the mobile home park, humble enough to not even mention who I was or why I was so lucky to have been there at the same time?

It was almost as if God wanted me to be there and yet all I did was shake his hand as he gave me a sandwich thinking I was just another hurricane victim. What a great President, Donald Trump and Flotus Melania, as they hugged the elderly who needed comfort.

Call to action:

I could go on and on about who we are at Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children and what we stand for, but I will end with a message. If you are an Uncle Sam’s Misguided Child, change your avatar to our logo, call your senator, call your local news, comment on every post Breitbart, Fox news, Hannity, Tucker Carlson, President Donald Trump, Donald Trump Jr, and everyone who’s anyone in the conservative movement. Tweet, email, call, comment and do not stop until our story is heard loud and clear.

This isn’t about my voice or the Facebook page anymore, this is about you and your voice, because if you are one of the millions of loyal patriots from all walks of life who have supported Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children, you must take ownership of our tribe and our message. The silencing of Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children and the zero reporting from the media as if we are some diseased people has to stop.

I am very proud and honored to be the leader of such amazing group of people. The children who followed us years back are now serving in our military. Some of those who served have had children who are now enlisting because of us.

That is the legacy I have built and very few people can even claim this on their own achievements.

I have a message for everyone, many people would have walked away, after the hundreds of times of being falsely attacked, censored, discriminated against, some would have thrown in the towel. But we have become battle- hardened after all the lies when you know deep inside that the work you do is righteous and honorable one and the amount of people you help is priceless.

That’s why we love our President Donald Trump because he has had to deal with the same attacks with very little help from the media, even some at Breitbart and Fox news who have attacked many of his actions, yet the man stands tall, unafraid and faces the world every single day and says THIS I HAVE DONE!!

We will not be silenced! We will prevail! Stand tall with us!

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  • Michael Yates

    Rock on brother. I am an old retired Air Force First Sgt with two Nam tours and I find it very hard to believe what our country has become. Keep up the great work.

  • Jay

    I loved your group on FB but I left FB more than a year ago due to their fascism. I now only use Months ago, I created and reserved the “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” group on minds. If you would like, you can claim the group from me. I am asking nothing in return for this.

  • Jason laboy

    I see nothing but American citizens,

  • William Witman

    Thank you for all that you do. The website is fantastic and gives the real news. Being part of Uncle Sams Misguided Children since 1981 when I went to Parris Island and proudly graduated a U. S. Marine I haven’t been this proud of a President since Ronald Reagan. Thank you again for being our voice.

  • Annette N Kevin

    Y’all are awesome keep up the good work yall definitely rock in my book

  • Jon

    It’s not hard to see what’s going on with the Democrat party, leninism imo, they have been planning this for yrs through education religion etc, now their alignment with islam.
    From here on out you’ll see anti white everything they will attack Christianity while creating laws for insulting Islam, we have been infiltrated by Islam every state every major college where they set up their propaganda institutions,
    Now the gun grabs are starting through RFL look at crazy gun bill in Pennsylvania, they are about to bankrupt the NRA. Any ways my fellow countrymen, we are at war it just hasn’t went hot yet, As for the discrimination against USMC get used to it , you will see more and more of this, surprised they haven’t shutdown this sight cuz they will, fbook and Twitter are radical left run organizations, hell they let cair into both platforms to monitor for anti Islam insults. So for the rest of our lives we will see this crap let that sink in, or we rise up to the Democrats TYRANNY.

  • Robert Miller

    Shared brother and will share again.

  • David

    Thank you for your work. SemperFi 0311

  • Laura

    We need to stand together and help fight this snowflakes.before they take us down with them.

  • Gary Clements

    Give em hell Tank!!!!

  • SusiQ Blue

    I know you believe in God,
    So, we need to pray and ask God for guidance.
    We ask our Lord Jesus Christ, to help our Country, our American People and to save us from evil and all the work of the devil.
    “The gates of hell shall not prevail against the Church!”.
    I will be praying for you and all UNCLE’S SAM MISGUIDED CHILDREN!

  • Barbara Hunter

    First, I thank you for all your goodness–I am sorry I must live in a cave because I never heard of you–but that does not surprise me with the media today. I am an American from proud ancestors whose blood soaked the grounds of battlefields since the first war in our country. I stand for truth not a certain party of government and I stand with President Trump and all he has done for America.

    • Faye Higbee

      God bless you Barbara- and you are correct, it’s not about a party, it’s about America. My ancestors, too fought in the Revolutionary war. We will stand together!

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