Hawaii Combat Marine Veteran Attacked by Locals For…What?

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A Hawaii Combat Marine Veteran attacked by locals a few days ago says he didn’t do what they said he did. As he was riding his motorcycle across Oahu, a vehicle tried to cut him off and harass him – then when he confronted them, they jumped out of their vehicle and began to attack him. It took every ounce of patience in him not to retaliate as a Combat Marine. This is his side of the story that was posted on Facebook.

That’s the family’s viewpoint on what occurred. We will not release the Marine veteran’s name or personal information to protect him from further harassment.

Screenshot via video

He writes:

I had just gotten done having Breakfast then riding down Kamehameha Hwy (Hwy 83) from the North Shore with my Friends, quick stop by his house and hopped back on the bike to head home to Shower. Entered back onto the roadway where the Kamehameha Hwy and LikeLike (Hwy 83/Hwy 63) briefly merge together, before continuing straight, which turns into Kaneohe Bay Dr/Mokapu Blvd towards Kailua.

As I make my turn onto the Hwy and I am approaching the Kamehameha and LikeLike Hwy intersection before continuing straight onto Kaneohe Bay Dr, I arrive at a stop light behind a large white truck, wait for the light to turn, continue onto Kaneohe Bay Dr. As I approach the Kaneohe Bay Dr/ Aumoku St intersection and I am arriving at the stop light there, I notice the lane to the right was open and merged before promptly waiting for the light. As I pull up, in-front of the Large Truck was a minivan to my adjacent lane on my left. Waited for the light, once the light turned green I accelerated, but as I accelerated I noticed the van was trying to speed up?? I Accelerated, thought nothing of it at the time, fairly common when travelling on two-wheels in my opinion, continued on my way towards my destination. This road narrows to one lane, I rode my lane out, and merged safely, the van was well behind the motorcycle, as well. Once again, never thought anything at this point.

I arrived at the next stop light, by Bay View Golf Course, the Mokulele Dr intersection, headed straight. As I sat and waited on the light, another group of Bikers passed by, Threw Shaka!! ?? Light turned green, normal Acceleration, let the straight-pipes bellow a-little bit, clear road ahead, No Worries. Hit the 2 bends, one lane opens back up to 2-lanes at the bottom of the hill, I merge into the slow lane, I am headed up Kaneohe Bay Dr which continues into Mokapu Blvd, after it passes under the H3.

As I am traveling up the hill towards the H3, I notice the Van is accelerating at fast rate of speed towards me in the adjacent passing lane, he comes along side me. At this point I am questioning what is this about in my head?? I make no gestures and hardly acknowledge them, didn’t even look over to see who they were, just think Ok?? I accelerate to create distance, he begins to chase, I am gone. He catches the Red Light at the top of the hill under the H3.

I continue down the Mokapu Blvd, arrive at the light across from Kalaheo Football Field, Kapaa Quarry Rd (Dump Rd). As I am sitting at the light waiting for the light to change, I see the van approaching again. Green light, I begin to accelerate, as I am accelerating, the Van has sped up as fast as it can. As the Van passes me, it immediately merges in-front of me, cutting me off and then proceeds to jam on their brakes?? Alarmed at this point I merge to the opposite lane, as I am merging to avoid the Minivan at this point, the driver begins swerving at me. I pull back lingering in his blindspot, he brakes again, immediately swerves again. And Again. At this point I am thinking WTF!?!? He is trying to run me off the road or over!! He races to the Oneawa St / Mokapu Blvd intersection and turns, at this point I feel like he is trying to flee and escape after he has failed at his multiple attempts of trying to run me off the road.

I pursue him onto Oneawa St, as I am hanging back along side him in his blindspot, still. Across the brief bridge, he swerves again at me once more! As we travel through the Oneawa St / Kainui Dr intersection, traffic is stacking up at the Kaha St stop light. He acts as if he is attempting to pull over at this point, as his passenger tires merge onto the shoulder, the driver motions me to come alongside him, this POS swerves AGAIN! As we stop at the stop light, he rolls down his window, and says “What you Faka?”

“Faka” is Hawaiian slang word for “fucker.”

When he arrived at Oneawa Street and stopped his motorcycle, the people in the van piled out and attacked him, as you can see in the video. One man stepped in to separate the parties. There was minor damage to the Hawaii Combat Marine’s bike, and he received an exhaust burn. The Marine veteran told us he’s lived in Hawaii for several years and never had any problem until now.  He told us that “rumor” has it that the family in question is a frequent flyer with local police.

Police advised the Marine veteran that it wasn’t in his best interest to file a report, since he himself could be charged with something. The family claimed he hit the side of their vehicle, and that he “tried to punch the driver” through the window. Their story continues to change as more relatives comment on the social media account.

Attacking a Combat Marine is never a wise move, no matter how many people pile on. Hawaii can be iffy for white folks in certain areas.

Featured photo: screenshot from FB video


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  • Fred's

    Just curious, were they locals, or just haters because of the color of your skin. I know Antifa/Soros is paying young people to start things on the islands.

  • Fred’s an Idiot

    They were micro’s not real locals.

  • Dennis

    Lib’s too cknsht and weak to take someone one on one, have to gang up on ppl. Ride safe Brother… “KAG 2020”!!!

  • Patrick Cosgriff

    In today’s climate you can not take chances on letting your guard down. You have to keep your head on a swivel 24/7 and carry a force multiplier. Semper Fi!

  • Vic Bailey

    I have carried a pistol all my life, and I quit carrying back about 20 years ago because of my step sons and as of lately I started carrying again. People have become so hateful lately, and I’m an old Marine myself, I have Bounced and Been a Bounty Hunter back in the 70s, and I have Never thought about shooting someone, but people, aren’t the same as back then, they have no respect for anyone and they won’t blink an eye to kill you now days, too many inbred people running around now days. that causes RAGE. If you think I kidding get you some friendly dogs and start inbreeding them, before long you won’t be able to control them. Semper Fi.

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