Harley Davidson Cancels Trump Over Liberal Protests

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Update: we thought something was funky when we started doing this article yesterday. Harley Davidson was scheduled to go to the White House on Thursday to meet with the President. Darned fake news.

Milwaukee, WI – The liberal goon squad was out in force as Harley Davidson became worried about the plethora of protesters planning to mess with President Trump’s visit to the HD factory on Thursday, so they cancelled his trip. The left wing radical heavily trolled HD. The plan was for the President to sign Executive Orders on assisting Manufacturing in the United States and how it could work to unify the country.

Harley Davidson – Uniquely American

As they do with every business that makes overtures to the President, or even statements of support, Liberals immediately hopped on the hate Trump bandwagon and started threatening Harley Davidson with protests, boycotts, and all sorts of mayhem. For its part, the company says it plans to meet with the President at a later date.

Go ahead, threaten bikers. See what you get. But the factory itself is  leery of having piles of protesters…or at least that’s what has been reported.

On person on Twitter said he called the company about the cancellation and they responded that it was “false reporting.”

Reagan, Clinton and George W. Bush all visited the factory during their tenure. You will recall that Obama rode bicycles, not motorcycles. Just sayin’.

The Harley Davidson Twitter Feed has not been updated to reflect the cancellation, if there indeed has been a cancellation.

“The White House confirmed that Trump would not be making it to Milwaukee, while Harley-Davidson only said in a statement that did not have, ‘nor did we have, a scheduled visit from the President this week at any of our facilities.'” New York Daily News

Some lovely examples of liberal trolls on Harley Davidson’s Twitter feed:

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