Handful of Oakland Churches Vow Never to Call Police or Report Incidents

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If you attend church, what would you do if the church policy says that you can’t call police or report any incident, and a gunman comes in to kill people in the congregation?  Blue Lives Matter reported that a small handful of Oakland churches have partnered with a group called “Showing Up for Social Justice.” And they want nothing to do with police. They are hoping their actions will “dismantle racism.”

The First Congregational Church of Oakland decided to “divest” itself from police because “black and brown people” are being “unfairly targeted.” The Northern California Nevada Conference of the United Church of Christ has also launched a campaign to recruit churches to the “movement.”

Blue Lives Matter reported,

Instead of calling police, the churches have begun training members of their congregations in de-escalation and self-defense tactics, so that they would be prepared to handle potentially dangerous situations on their own,  The Washington Post reported.

But being based in California, they made it clear that self-defense didn’t involve the use of firearms.

“Our goal is to never call the police,” Torbett said, adding that none of the volunteers would ever be armed.

They have not yet asked congregations to refrain from calling police on matters outside the church, but they are hoping the members will do so.

The SUSJ also links itself to Black Lives Matter.

The Showing Up for Social Justice website reveals the bottom line:

The Presidential Campaign continues to to raise the bar on racist rhetoric with attacks on immigrant communities, Black communities, Muslim communities, women- the list goes on and on. Messages of hate are sadly finding support among many white people, and the entire slate of candidates across parties have failed to fully embrace a comprehensive and accountable racial justice agenda.   

We refuse to join a political agenda founded on hate. White supremacy and racism are not a partisan issue. Using racism to divide people who have every reason to stand together is not new. It is an age old way to keep poor and working people divided by race. 

They are calling on white organizations, white people to take action in a deeper way. Essentially at its root is a hate for the President, in spite of all the rhetoric about “love and liberation.” They are blind to the truth that Obama did more to divide America along racial lines than any president in decades.

If all of this sounds familiar, it’s because the left has been pushing the idea that all whites are racist, and Republicans in specific. The “social justice gospel” is not the Christian gospel – they know it and they’ve targeted it in an attempt to shame white churches into their movement.

Unfortunately, this recent action to not call police puts every member of the congregrations of these few churches at risk.

Featured photo: First Congegational Church of Oakland- Wikimedia Commons

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