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Cairo, Egypt – BBC reports that Hamas and the Palestinian Authority signed a new reconciliation agreement on Thursday. The terror group even promised not to do any more terror attacks from the West Bank and stated the deal covered Judea and Samaria.

The agreement also promises that either side will not do any unilateral moves in either war or peace. It even gives the Palestinian Authority¬† administrative powers over the Gaza Strip. But implementing the deal will likely be easier said than done. Why? Because Hamas is a terrorist organization. And they aren’t just about to give up their arms, or ultimately let the PA have control over the Gaza Strip. Leopards don’t change their spots, as this agreement reveals.

The Jerusalem Post reported the specific planks of the agreement:

1) The Palestinian Authority government will be empowered to carry out fully its responsibilities in administrating the Gaza Strip as it does in the West Bank by December 1.

2) A PA-formed committee will resolve the employees issue by February 1. While the committee works to resolve the employees issue and after the PA is enabled to carry out its administrative and financial powers in Gaza including tax collection, the PA will pay the Hamas-appointed employees their salaries.

3) Border crossings in Gaza with Israel and Egypt will be transferred to the PA by November 1.

4) PA security leaders will go to Gaza to discuss ways and mechanisms to rebuild the security services with relevant parties.

5) A meeting in Cairo will take place in the first week of December to evaluate the implementation of what was agreed between Hamas and Fatah.

6) All the Palestinian factions that signed the Cairo reconciliation agreement in 2011, will meet on November 14 in the Egyptian capital to discuss the 2011 agreement.

The biggest sticking point in the agreement is the armed wing of Hamas – at 25,000 members and plenty of rockets and other weapons…they do not plan to give them up. Another issue that affects us here is that Hamas is a US designated terror group. Any kind of “peace negotiations” could suddenly become even messier for the President and his diplomatic teams.

Israel Hayom reported,

But the two sides have yet to resolve their differences over Hamas security forces and its arms in the coastal enclave. With Hamas vowing not to give up its “armed resistance” against Israel, the Palestinian Authority may ultimately not be able to reassert full control over the Gaza Strip. This could complicate the deal’s implementation and may put it at risk of unraveling.

But before you get all excited about the reconciliation of Palestinians there are a few other facts you might need to know. There is a preamble that includes these words:
“…ending the occupation, establishing a sovereign Palestinian state on all of the lands occupied in 1967 with Jerusalem as its capital, and the return of refugees.”

That statement alone guarantees failure. They have not changed their position on Israel.  The PA and Hamas have tried this before to no avail.

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