Half-Naked Protesters Accost Trump Motorcade in Paris

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Haven’t yet figured out why feminists or anti-war groups think running around topless is going to sway anyone to their point of view. But there it was, a half-naked woman running up to the Trump motorcade as it was going to the Arc d’ Triumph. Nobody was impressed. In fact, they got arrested.

The security breach at the Trump motorcade only lasted a short time before they were on their way again.

French police tackled the anti-war protesters and the security breach was rectified so that the motorcade could continue on its way.

The protesters were part of the radical anti-war group “Femen.”  They protested at the Arc d’ Triumph on Saturday, holding up signs that said “Welcome war criminals” in an apparent reference to some of the guests who were to be at the remembrance of Armistice Day in Paris. Approximately 70 world leaders attended the ceremony.

Bloomberg reported,

Femen, an anti-war group with origins in Ukraine known for topless protests at high-profile events, claimed credit for the incident.

A second topless protester was detained as she attempted to clear barricades that had been erected for the event. The women appeared to have the phrase “Fake Peacemakers” daubed on their torsos. Femen claimed three protestors breached the barrier.

Inna Shevchenko, leader of the Femen group, tweeted a video of the incident and said the presence of Trump and other world leaders, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, had transformed the Armistice Day event “into a sad spectacle which is entertaining only for the criminals participating in it.”

The saddest spectacle of all was a bunch of women running around bare-breasted and thinking they would change world opinion by doing so. “Claiming credit” for being idiots…priceless.

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