Guns Stolen from Memphis UPS Found in Chicago Suburb

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Approximately 400 guns stolen Sunday from a Memphis UPS facility in  Tennessee were found Tuesday in Midlothian, a Chicago suburb, according to the ATF. Two men were charged, only one is in custody. There is a $5,000 reward for information leasing to the capture of the second suspect, according to Stripes.

The gun heist is one of the biggest ever investigated by the ATF. Two thieves driving a U-Haul truck made off with the guns. Both the truck and the guns have been recovered, although it is unclear if ALL of the 400 guns were recovered or if there were any missing.

Fox reported,

Agents are trying to determine if some of the guns had already been sold or traded before they were found.

UPS said it is cooperating with law enforcement.

ATF had asked the public to send social media posts, photos or any other information related to the theft. A $5,000 reward was offered for information leading to an arrest and conviction in the case.

The suspect in custody is an 18 year old whose name has not yet been released.

“It’s a very tedious process that we’re looking at to make sure that every firearm is accounted for, from the shipper as well as from the receiver.” Michael Knight, ATF spokesman

No details were released on the type of guns, whether both rifles and handguns, or just one type. Agents were combing through the manifests to determine where the guns came from and where they were supposed to be going.

The number to the ATF for tips is 800-283-4867 (800-ATF-GUNS).

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