Gun Stores vs Government COVID-19 Virus Edicts -Are They Essential Businesses?

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We’ve written a lot about governments attempting to ban gun sales lately, and the long, long lines at gun stores. From Champaign, Illinois to New Orleans, Louisiana to Colorado and California, the emergency declarations are stepping all over the 2nd amendment. One such gun store in Northern California has refused the idea that they are a “non-essential” business and refused to close their doors, according to Breitbart.

Solar Tactical in Castro Valley, California has moved to appointments only in order to cut down on the crowds, but still plan to sell guns as long as the background check system is working.

Governor Newsom issued a statewide “shelter in place” order Thursday. According to these declarations, disobeying them is a criminal offense.

The Alameda County Sheriff’s Office told local media KCRA, “We’ll start out nice. Then we’ll post a notice to close and then we will take enforcement.”

The city of Fresno, California added itself to the coronavirus declarations, according to a separate article in Breitbart.

The Fresno website explains that the emergency declaration allows the prohibition on certain sales–i.e., guns, alcohol, etc.–to be handled by the issuance of separate, subsequent orders. The site says the city may make the subsequent orders “in the interest of public safety and welfare,” and one of those orders would result in “the discontinuance of selling, distributing, dispensing, or giving away of firearms, ammunition or explosive of any character whatsoever.”

Not only Newsom has issued such an order, but Gov Tom Wolfe of Pennsylvania issued the order to suspend all ‘non-essential businesses.’ One small gun store has stated, “I’m an essential business. I’m firearms. That’s essential. It’s second amendment rights.”

That statement came as gun stores in Pennsylvania were jammed with customers before the edict from Governor Wolfe. WHYY reported,

At some shops, lines stretched out the door.

“It’s insane right now, I’ve got three lines going,” said Jeff Rodemyer, owner of Bluestone Firearms in York.

“The whole shop is filled up,” said Joe Staudt, owner of Staudt’s Gun Shop in Harrisburg. He estimates he’s ten times busier than normal.

Staudt plans to keep slinging ammo as long as he can. “The governor said midnight. So we’re going to stay open as long as the background check system is working,” he said.

Are these declarations excuses for gun control? We’re beginning to wonder.

Featured photo: Screenshot of Gov Newsom via KCRA


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  • Louis Pawloski

    If we follow the path to Marshall Law, which the over reactionary governors will push with the social media hype propelling them, and the democrat socialists force Trump out of office with the help of the deep state and media fake news convincing the public, then yes there is the possibility of losing our Republican lic to socialism.
    We would have to react with force of our own.

    Gun stores, with the support of citizens need to oppose this attempt to violate the 2nd Ammendment.

    These directives have no more effect on the C-virus than the fake gun law proposals have on crime reduction.

    This, in my opinion, is furthering the socialist agenda to disarm the country.

    I still believe, because the dems have no one to run against Trump in 2020, that this is part of their plan to stop the election and take over the government.

    BUT they have to disarm or seriously cripple gun ownership first by using the National Guard to bottle up gun owners freedom to oppose this.

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