Gun Sales Surge, More Expected for June

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First we had the pandemic where people were locked in their homes for around 2 months, and worried about self defense from criminals released on the streets. Then came riots and calls to defund police. Gun sales for June should be crazy, since removal of police would create a law and order vacuum.

Katie Pavlich is and Editor of Townhall, a columnist and Fox News contributor. She tweeted this:

May alone broke records, as 1,726,053 guns were sold, which was 80.2% OVER last year at this time. March was 85.3% over, April was 71.5% higher (Fox Business).

As people see the rioting, they genuinely become concerned about their safety. Then when the left starts screaming about abolishing or defunding police, they increasingly want to protect themselves. So they seem to be moving toward taking responsibility for their own safety. As we previously reported earlier, many are first time gun buyers.

Thanks to the pandemic, when prisoners were released from jails so that they didn’t get COVID_19, gun range time is a premium as well, with long lines and wait times for many. Having thousands of convicted criminals roaming the streets during the worst of the pandemic didn’t help people feel “safe.”

Hundreds of comments followed Pavlich’s statement, with people not only agreeing with her, but stating that they needed more firepower and some places were out of guns.

Here is a smattering of those comments:

“No kidding. Gun store stock is low everywhere I look, even here in Texas.” @garydrumm

“I was in a gun store yesterday and they said they’ve had record breaking days. Many of the firearms they have behind the counter are sold out. They’re having trouble keeping certain models, rifles and handguns in stock. They had my ammo tho.”@RedskinGlen

“Two of the largest firearms dealers in the Denver area are completely sold out of all @GLOCKInc , all @sigsauerinc P320 & P365 pistols, and every single AR from every maker. Hopefully the new gun owners follow up with training classes…. #2a” @MollyZang

“Many large retailers have been selling out in all states.” @MajorUnsilent

“If you remove the police, there’s no choice but to arm yourself.” @bmenk4

“Sales will be restricted by supply. My local gun store had a full parking lot this weekend. They are out of AR-15s and tactical shotguns.” @EaglesTTT

As the liberals push to get rid of police, what did they think was going to happen? Though the left will never give up their push to destroy the Second Amendment, at least for now people are worried enough about the safety of their familes that they are taking steps to take care of it.

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