Gun Rights Advocates File Suit Against NC, CA Over Gun Shop Orders

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Gun rights advocates have filed lawsuits against  Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva and separately Wake County Sheriff Gerald Baker over their refusal to allow gun purchases during the COVID-19 emergency.

As we previously reported, Sheriff Alex Villanueva ran afoul of the 2nd amendment by mandating that all gun stores be closed. Then he backtracked and people lined up against at the stores. Less than a day later, he backtracked again and stated the the stores could be open but only sell to security guards and not to the general public.

The Free Beacon reported that The Second Amendment Foundation (SAF), National Rifle Association, California Gun Rights Foundation (CGF), and Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) filed the lawsuit against Governor Newsom and Sheriff Villanueva in order to keep the gun stores open. California already has limits on purchases and numerous restrictions on the 2nd amendment in place without having the COVID-19 situation weaponized against gun owners.

“Municipalities and states that target lawful gun stores for closure aren’t promoting safety—by weaponizing their politics to disarm you and your loved ones, these shameless partisans are wantonly promoting a gun-control agenda that suffocates your Second Amendment rights when you need them most.” Jason Ouimet, NRA-ILA

Wake County, North Carolina Sheriff Gerald Baker has refused to process CCW licenses or new permits to purchase guns (requiring a permit to buy a gun is unconstitutional in the first place). He also is the subject of a lawsuit.

He claimed in a statement,

Over the past several weeks, our staff has been inundated with high volumes of permit applications that have made it impossible to process by law. This decision is not a violation of anyone’s Second Amendment Rights. Most importantly, this action will limit persons encountering one another during this time of State of Emergency, consistent with Governor Roy Cooper’s Executive Orders and that of Wake County Commissioner Greg Ford.” Sheriff Baker

“This action will limit persons encountering one another.” What is he expecting while standing in line at a gun store…The shootout at the OK Corral?

The Governor of Delaware, Democrat John Carney, recently changed his mind on the closing of gun stores and allowed them to stay open. He allowed them to stay open by appointment only, but at least they can still sell guns.

Idaho governor Brad Little made certain his emergency declaration listed gun stores and ranges as “essential” businesses because he wanted citizens to “fully exercise their 2nd amendment rights.” There are good reasons to love Idaho.

Right across the state line 22 miles away, Washington Governor Jay Inslee made certain his declaration closed gun stores as “non-essential.”

The Trace reported that stores in New Jersey, New Mexico, Vermont, New York, Washington, Massachusetts, Maine, and California at the discretion of the local officials, are ordered closed.

Pennsylvania Gov Tom Wolfe was sued by gun rights advocates immediately, (the suit was thrown out) but the Governor said the stores could be open on a limited basis.

In the rest of the states, gun stores can stay open. So far. Every day is a new day.


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  • Bruce Cup Choy

    “This action will limit persons encountering one another.” I’m certain this comment was referring to the 6 foot separation between people.

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