Gun-Megeddon in Cali – 10 Gun Control Bills Poised to Be Passed

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Gun-Megeddon in Cali – 10 Gun Control Bills Poised to Be Passed

Ten gun control bills are working their way through the California legislature. And gun owners are concerned that their right to keep and bear arms is about to be destroyed. California already  has the most restrictive gun legislation in the US. (Which hasn’t helped a bit for their gun violence.)

gun control

10 bills proposed, 8 passed committee, one put on hold only one dumped. And they already have extremely restrictive laws.

They are calling it “Gun-megeddon.”

Eight of the 10 bills passed through committee on Tuesday. Only one of them went down to defeat, a bill (AB 2459) that would have required cameras to be installed in gun stores.  The other one was put on hold until today.

KCRA reported,

One measure, SB 880, would make it illegal for gun owners to use a so-called “bullet button,” a small tool allowing someone to quickly reload ammunition magazines. Another bill, SB 1446, would prohibit Californians from having high-capacity magazines, capable of shooting more than 10 rounds at a time.

Back in 2011, when this map was done, Calif had the most restrictions. It still does.

Fundamentally flawed

Often the victims of gun violence feel it’s their sacred duty to stop any pro-gun legislation. California is a case in point. A woman whose daughter was killed by a gunman with a “high capacity magazine” says this legislation is “personal” to her.

It’s always tragic when someone chooses to take the life of innocent people. Unfortunately, these kinds of gun control legislation would not have saved her daughter. Why?

Because criminals don’t give a flying !#%& about the law. They care only about themselves and what they want to do. As we have seen over recent months, people go on stabbing binges as well as shooting ones.

No one knows

In the KCRA article, a violence prevention expert was asked if these types of legislation actually reduce gun violence. His answer: “No one really knows.”

“There’s been far too little research done on firearm violence and far too little evaluative work done when laws are passed.” Dr. Garen Wintemute, UC Davis

The right to keep and bear arms

All of this in California is happening at the same time as several states are advancing to Constitution Carry. The Missouri House just this week passed a permitless carry bill 112-37.Their action also expanded their Castle Doctrine Legislation. The bill advances to the Senate.

If Missouri passes the bill, it would make them the 10th state to move to being able to carry concealed in places where they open carry now.

Where will these conflicting laws end up?

“Not one of the laws that are being pushed today makes Californians safer. All they do is put restrictions — in many cases very unreasonable restrictions — on law-abiding citizens.” Craig DeLuz, Firearms Policy Coalition

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