Gun Control Central – Gun Factory in England. How’d That Happen?

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The headline read “Large Scale Illegal Gun Factory Found in Sussex.” Wait, doesn’t England have rigid gun controls? Yes, they do. So       how’d they end up with a “large-scale illegal gun factory?”  And perhaps not just one, but several.

The UK Telegraph stated that theNCA heard what they thought were gunshots coming from a warehouse that had a sign saying it was a “gearbox repair” business. The National Crime agency (NCA) began watching the business, and raided it. They also raided other locations, according to the Daily Mail.

The Telegraph noted:

Officers raided the building on Saturday night and found what they believe to be a “sophisticated” operation producing guns, of which the NCA has subsequently seized around 30. 

Three men found leaving the building were arrested and police had to use a Taser on one of them, an NCA spokesman said.

On the weekend, two guns were found as well as ammunition, but further searches uncovered the true magnitude of the factory.

Rob Hickinbottom, head of the national firearms threat centre at the NCA, said on Wednesday afternoon: “We believe we have disrupted a group involved in the criminal production of firearms, and as a result we have prevented a potentially large quantity of weapons from getting into the hands of criminals and being used in violence on our streets.”

Authorities are going through the guns and machinery with templates to determining what category the guns fall into.

Persons charged were: Greg Akehurst, 29, and Mark Kinman, 63, both charged with possessing a firearm. Kyle Wood, 30, was charged with possessing a firearm and ammunition. They will appear in court on Sept 17.

Criminals don’t always buy their guns from a reputable dealer, although they do occasionally. They can get guns in places you and I wouldn’t even think to look. Sometimes people fall through the cracks of the existing gun laws and get them even when they’re forbidden to own one. But guns are not rocket science. Creating them is not difficult for the skilled machinist.



All photos released by the NCA

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