Grenades Meant for Sweden Seized at Checkpoint

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Grenades Meant for Sweden Seized at Checkpoint

A Slovenia customs check revealed 59 hand grenades, five machine guns, ammunition  and magazines this week, according to. The items were inside a car that was intercepted at the checkpoint. One 32 year old Serbian, one 25 year old Swede, and one 17 year old with dual Finnish and Turkish citizenship were arrested.

Slovenia police photo

Car with a cache of serious weapons

According to Breitbart London,

The men have been charged with aggravated larceny and handling automatic weapons. The 25-year-old also stands charged with serious drug offences.

According to the prosecutor at the International Public Prosecution Office in Stockholm, the weapons offence are particularly serious and should be seen “as part of an operation that has taken place systematically, with the intention… and extensively.”

In other words…it’s been an ongoing situation.

Slovenia Police photo of the grenade cache

The explosives and weapons were found in various places in the automobile. The article in FriaTider was titled “Was on my way to Sweden with a car full of hand grenades”(translated). At least someone had a sense of humor about it. Police believe that the shipment was intended for “criminals” in Sweden, and that should they have fallen into those hands it would have been a serious problem for Swedish authorities.

Migrant grenade attacks, increasing arson and violence

Four grenade attacks rocked Malmo, Sweden in July alone. Who was to blame? Warring migrant gangs, according to RT. There were 25 explosions in 2014, and by the time of the article in RT on July 27, 2015, 18 explosions had occurred – a significant increase. The total for 2015 was 30.

The criminal element in Malmo is rampant in the city.  And they apparently don’t like each other very much…or the Swedish people who also live there. The Muslim population of Malmo is around 20% of the 300,000 people.

Malmo is also Sweden’s third largest city. Add drugs to the migrant problem, and you have a recipe for more violence. Drugs and money and weapons- that’s a bad combo.

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