Grenade Attack in Sweden

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A grenade attack in Malmo, Sweden was just another chapter in the saga of Sweden’s interesting claim that they are “safe.” Someone attacked a man with a grenade, sending him to the hospital with shrapnel in his legs. The incident occurred in the Malmo district of Lindangen on Monday.

Police and the bomb squad responded to a report of an explosion with 4 patrols and a dog unit. Authorities blocked off a part of the street that had several apartments.

Is Sweden really safe as authorities claim?

An Independent Journalist named Tim Pool was threatened after he reported that 20-30% of the Muslims in Sweden were in favor of ISIS.

More Grenades

Breitbart reported,
Another grenade incident occurred earlier Monday when a grenade was discovered in Stockholm in a trash can near the police headquarters in Kista square. The bomb squad was able to remove the grenade without incident.

Last week in the Malmo area of Kronborg, police found a hand grenade in the nearby Pildamma park after scouring the area for weapons relating to a case in which a 15-year-old is suspected of shooting a man. Police said the grenade was unlikely to have any relation to the shooting.

In 2015 Malmo, specifically the no-go suburb of Rosengard, was subject to a number of grenade attacks as many migrants recently travelled from Syria have said they felt like they were back in the war-torn country.

The situation became so bad at one point Sweden had to bring in Goran Mansson who had previously diffused bombs in war zones like the former Yugoslavia, Iraq and Lebanon. “It is strange to be doing almost the same in Malmo that I was doing in Iraq,” he explained.

But Swedish authorities continue to claim that Sweden is safe and there is no migrant problem.

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