Greenwood Police Chief Under Investigation for Civil Rights Violation Of a Man Who Tried to Drown his Baby Daughter.

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Greenwood Police Chief Greg Hallgrimson is under Federal investigation by authorities for possibly violating the civil rights of Jonathon Stephen Zicarelli, 28. Zicarelli told police on December 17 that he drowned his six month-old daughter. The actual scope of the Federal investigation is unknown, and according to Blue Lives Matter, the FBI is being extremely tight lipped. It may involve excessive use of force. Hallgrimson was suspended back in December.

Zicarelli was positive his daughter was dead. When he walked into the police department and confessed to her murder, Chief Hallgrimson and Cpl Tom Calhoun dashed out to the pond, and found the baby floating face up in the icy water. She had reportedly been in the water about 10 minutes.

Cpl Calhoun charged into the water even in his uniform, boots, and vest. He scooped her up and brought her back to shore, where they administered CPR. Her lungs were full of water, her eyes were “black and muddy” and her mouth was full of weeds. As they cleared her mouth and began CPR…

Suddenly she began to breathe! They took off her wet clothing and wrapped her in Chief Hallgrimson’s shirt until medical arrived to take her to the hospital.

She was suffering from hypothermia, but was stable by the afternoon. To say she had a guardian angel would be an understatement.

Fast forward to the arrest of Zicarelli for First Degree assault. He is incarcerated on a $500,000 bond.

Friday, investigators from the FBI met with Zicarelli and his attorney Tom Porto at the facility.

“I can confirm that the FBI was at the Jackson County jail on Friday investigating a possible criminal civil rights violation committed against Mr. Zicarelli by the Police Chief of Greenwood.” Tom Porto

The city will not say specifically why Hallgrimson was suspended, only that the FBI was called in response to a 2015 Memorandum of Understanding with the Bureau regarding possible excessive use of force.

Featured photo screenshot from KMBC via Blue Lives Matter

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