Green Berets Complete Fallen Brother’s Promise to His Step-Daughter

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SSgt Mark De Alencar promised his step-daughter Octavia Osborne that he would be back from his deployment in time for her graduation from Niceville High School.  Unfortunately, he was killed before he could fulfill that promise. But the Green Berets of De Alencar’s 7th Special Forces Group made sure that promise was handled.

Green Beret Killed in Afghanistan

De Alencar had asked the 17 year old to look after her mother and younger siblings until he got home.

“He told me he’d be back in time for my graduation from Niceville High School. He promised.” Octavia

But his brothers-in-arms from the 7th weren’t about to let this young lady down. An Army care team asked her mother if there would be room for some representatives of the group to attend her graduation.

“How many?” Natasha, Octavia’s mom

“About 80.” Army’s response

WHOA! The reality of that many of her father’s friends didn’t really sink in for her.

“It dawned on me here and there that they were going to be there, but it didn’t really hit me until I got to the graduation and saw all those men sitting there in the stands.” Octavia

Stripes reported via The Northwest Florida Daily News:

The contingent from the 7th Group included not only the Green Berets in their dress uniforms, but many of their spouses and children as well. When Natasha and her mother, Yolanda Thornton, arrived at the stadium, Octavia’s special cheering section was already in place.

“They were saving seats for us!” Natasha said, her voice still filled with amazement at the memory. “I was overwhelmed. Everyone who was there had taken time out of their busy lives because they knew we had that void we were missing. They just wanted to let us know that they had our back.”

The men did more than just save seats or show up…they were there for meaningful support.

“I thought since they were servicemen, they’d be really quiet and just kind of be there. But when my name was called and you heard this uproar from the stadium, it caught me off guard. I didn’t know if I should be embarrassed, starstruck or what. But it was really like an exciting rush.” Octavia

This young lady worked hard to make excellent grades so that she wouldn’t let her parents down. But having her very own cheering section full of Green Berets in full dress uniform -plus families-  is something she will remember the rest of her life. Best Wishes, Octavia.

The roar from Octavia’s Green Beret cheering section comes at 1:44:47 in the video.

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