Grays Harbor County, WA – Home Intruder Killed

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McCleary, WA – In Grays Harbor County, Washington on Wednesday, an armed home intruder was fatally shot by the homeowner. The homeowner was a female, the male intruder was her estranged husband. There was a restraining order against the suspect.

The suspect forced his way into the home and attacked a 60 year old male who lives in the house.  The suspect was armed with a knife. As the two men struggled, the woman was able to retrieve her handgun and fatally shoot the suspect.

The 60 year old male was able to grab hold of the suspect’s arm to hold it away from his body and therefore did not receive any significant injuries.

The woman, whose said her name was Aubrey, made this statement, via KOMO news:

“Life is precious. Rage is real. If it’s your life or theirs, you have to do what you have to do… Cherish every moment of life.”

She said that she didn’t have any choice but to shoot, since her friend was being attacked. Police have not charged her with anything because they said it appears to be a straightforward case of self defense.

“At this point that nothing seems out of the ordinary.  It appears that the male subject entered the residence forcibly and the homeowner protected herself.” Grays Harbor County Undersheriff Brad Johansson.

But this incident illustrates a couple of things about domestic violence:

1.Restraining orders are worthless pieces of paper. No piece of paper is going to stop an enraged person from killing another. They don’t need guns, but they could easily meet the business end of one. Over the years I have seen too many victims of those pieces of paper who assumed they were safe… only to be killed by the person on the other end of that paper. Restraining orders help police arrest people, but that’s only if police are able to get to the scene in time. Until then, they are just a hunk of paper.

2.In spite of Joe Biden’s lame brained advice, if you are the victim of domestic violence, a gun is the ultimate choice for protection. Get trained, don’t panic, be wise, don’t just start shooting because you’re scared. But like Aubrey, if you are attacked, by all means shoot. She saved two lives by doing so.


Featured photo: screenshot via KOMO


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