Grasse, France School Shooting- 8 injured, 1 arrested

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At first a terror alert was issued in Grasse, France, after a 17 year old gunman opened fire in the cafeteria at Alexis De Tocqueville high school, wounding the head teacher and two others. Later the terror alert was retracted as police stated there was “no reason to suspect terrorism” in the incident.

Alexis De Tocqueville High School, Grasse, France – screenshot via France24

It was lunchtime at the high school when the incident occurred. It is unclear if the “quarrel between two students” was the motive, or if the headmaster of the school was the original target. News media are reporting both scenarios.

Five more people were treated for injuries sustained in the stampede that ensued when the gunshots rang out.  The first reports stated there were two assailants, and authorities are investigating that possibility.

School officials thanked parents for not responding to the school so that police could conduct their investigation. The schools in Grasse were locked down during the incident.

The 17 year old student, identified as Kylian Barbey, was arrested at the scene. He was armed with two hand grenades, two hand guns, and used a hunting rifle to shoot the 3 victims. Officials stated that the first indications were that the student had been watching videos of “American-style mass shootings” such as Columbine.

Reuters reported:

France has some of the strictest gun laws in the world. French citizens are banned from owning automatic weapons, while many other guns require government authorization and a medical exam, along with a permit from a hunting or sport shooting federation.

A police source said the youth arrested did not seem to be known to police.

Local emergency services used Twitter to advise residents of the town of about 50,000 inhabitants to stay at home. The government launched a mobile telephone application warning of a “terrorist” attack, although this is now automatic for any such incident.



There is a Facebook page for a Killian Barbey, but we could not verify for certain that it was the same person.

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