Grand Jury Indicts Nurses Who Laughed as WWII Navy Veteran Died

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A nursing supervisor, a nurse, and a CNA have been indicted by a grand jury from a video of a WWII veteran who died in their care at Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation Center. We previously reported on the case where 2 nurses and a CNA laughed as James Dempsey, a decorated WWII Navy veteran cried out for help because he couldn’t breathe. He ultimately died, and then they lied about it.

The Grand Jury returned the indictment on Wednesday.

Loyce Pickquet Agyeman is charged with murder. Wanda Nuckels is charged with depriving an elder of essential services, and a former CNA, Mable Turman, was indicted for neglect to an elder. Warrants were issued for their arrest.

WXIA reported,

“In November, the Brookhaven Police Department launched a criminal investigation into 89-year-old James Dempsey’s death after an 11Alive Investigation uncovered hidden camera video and court depositions of nursing home staff who responded to the World War II veteran…

The video showed Dempsey repeatedly calling out for help as he suffered in respiratory distress. After his calls, Dempsey became unresponsive.

When a different nurse does respond, she fails to check any of his vital signs. Nuckles says she would have reprimanded the nurse for the way she responded to Dempsey. She called the video “sick.”

When nurses had difficulty getting Dempsey’s oxygen machine operational during, you can hear Nuckles and others laughing.

The nursing facility was made aware of the video in November 2015, but according to state inspection reports, the nursing home did not fire the nurses until 10 months later.

According to the Georgia Board of Nursing, Nuckles and another nurse seen in the video surrendered their licenses in September 2017 – about three years after the incident…”

The nursing supervisor, Wanda Knuckles, told authorities in a deposition that she started CPR immediately and kept it up until paramedics arrived. The video showed that to be a lie. This is her deposition.

Original video of 11Alive story:

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    I hope they rot in prison, especially Wanda.

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