Governor Gretchen Whitmer Orders COVID-19 Patients to Nursing Homes; Strips Barber of License in Vindictive Move

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Governor Gretchen Whitmer continues to draw anger over her handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. She signed an Executive Order last month putting COVID-19 patients in “regional hubs” (read that nursing homes), furthering the spread of the virus (as did New York’s Cuomo, who finally reversed the practice). When a Michigan court refused to force 77 year old barber Karl Manke to close his shop because he defied the Governor’s order, Whitmer’s administration stripped him of his business license in a move seen as purely vindictive. And… the protests continue, in spite of the fact that she has threatened to extend the lockdown order because of them.

That “safety” issue

The EO Gretchen Whitmer signed about nursing homes apparently wasn’t as well known as her original lockdown.

Detroit News reported,

Seniors in nursing homes are among the highest risk for the coronavirus. Michigan has been putting long-term care patients recovering from the virus in the same facilities with patients who don’t have the virus.

It’s a policy New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo just changed in his state because of the high number of deaths.

Whitmer issued an executive order last month that requires seniors who are positive for COVID-19 to be brought to the TCF Center in Detroit or to “regional hubs,” which are nursing homes where the state says there has to be separation of the COVID-19 positive and negative patients.

Rep. Leslie Love (R-Detroit) is critical of the practice.

“To return seniors into an environment, seniors with the virus still recovering from the virus, into an environment with, well, seniors, just didn’t seem — it’s not a good idea,” Love said.

The problem with that is the TCF Center in Detroit has since closed up shop, so patients are farmed out to nursing homes, including private ones, and paid $5,000 per patient.  There was no “safety” for the elderly in her edict.

Speaking of “safety”…

Added to that is the Michigan Court ruling that declined to shutter Karl Manke’s barber shop on Monday without a court hearing, so the state simply pulled his business license. Democrats touted the move as ‘we have to make sure people are safe.’ Destroying an elderly man’s livelihood makes who safe?

“I think it’s totally vindictive. It’s petty, it’s totally in retribution because they didn’t like the court order from earlier this week.” Dave Kallman, Manke’s attorney

He has continued to cut hair until the paperwork from the state is received, but the vindictiveness of Governor Gretchen Whitmer is beyond belief.

And then there’s the protests

Today’s set of protests drew a scuffle when someone brought a doll with a noose around its neck…a doll with the same color hair as Whitmer. Dumb move, but as angry as people have become, predictable.

“The fact of the matter is, these protests — in a perverse way — make it likelier that we are going to have to stay in a stay-at-home posture.” Gretchen Whitmer

Was that a threat to keep the stay-at-home order going?  She has said also that she would prefer people don’t come out in groups at all. Please, Governor, read the First Amendment…

“I don’t particularly want to see people congregating, period. We know that contributes to spread. But if people are going to come down and demonstrate, do it in a responsible way. That’s what we ask.”

Actually, what she asks is not Constitutional, and she apparently could are less about that.

“Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.” Benjamin Franklin


Featured photo: screenshot of Governor Gretchen Whitmer via Fox video


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