Gov sets goal of 110,000 refugees for 2017

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The Government is deliriously happy to announce that they have set a goal of admitting 110,000 refugees to the United States for 2017. That’s up 30% from this year. Since Sept 30,2015, the U.S. has admitted 85,000 refugees. The fiscal year begins September 30, 2016.


The refugees will come from various countries: The Middle East will send us 40,000 refugees, Africa- 35,000, East Asia -12,000, and 5,000 from Latin America and the Caribbean. Then there are 14,000 “unallocated” slots.

Refugees can get an unallocated slot if Congress is notified first.

The Military Times reported,

The White House has tried to emphasize that the refugee program is safe and doesn’t pose a major threat to national security. That concern was heightened last year after terrorist attacks in European cities — including some connected to people who had spent time in Syria.
Officials said that potential refugees would continue to be subject a rigorous screening process that typically lasts more than a year and involves both in-person interviews and examination of biographical and biometric information.
“Rigorous Screening”
Advocacy groups have said that the situation is dire, and the goal of 110,000 is far short of what is needed. The issue is that “rigorous  screening” might exist in Europe, but not in countries that have poor communications and computer availability such as Afghanistan or Syria. Law enforcement/Military in those countries is often corrupt, so relying on their assessments for “screening” is iffy at best.
According to reports just out Sept 14, US funds may have actually contributed to the corruption in Afghanistan, and damaged security there. So…we are going to trust officials in those nations to give us intelligence data when even their police/armies are filled with corrupt officials?
Africa and the Middle East are riddled with radical jihadists. Yes, there are legitimate people who are fleeing wars and need help to get their lives back together. But knowing the difference between a jihadist and a person who is simply in need of help is problematical when databases are maintained by corrupt entities.

The United States is ready to open its arms to 110,000 refugees next year – Photo credit, US State Department

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