Gov secretly worked to get refugees rejected by Australia into the US

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There are thousands of refugees being held in Papua, New Guinea and Nauru that Barack Obama on November 14 agreed to bring to the United States in a secret agreement with Australia. That nation had rejected the refugees, the reason for which is unknown because the government classified the deal to keep the public from gaining access. And they didn’t even tell Donald Trump.

It may be because Papua New Guinea agreed to shut down a refugee camp there. But since we can’t look at the agreement we don’t know.


A refugee camp in Papua New Guinea


Secret deal

CNS News reported,

Asked why he hadn’t raised the matter during a congratulatory phone call to Trump on Thursday, [Australian Prime Minister Malcolm] Turnbull replied, “You don’t discuss confidential matters with one administration with a future administration.”

Again I have to ask…why was the report classified so that no one could look at it? The Prime Minister’s answer is totally fishy.

Transparency needed

On November 22, Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) and Rep. Bob Goodlatte (R-Va.)sent a letter to DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson, and Secretary of State John Kerry, asking them to declassify the refugee deal. They received no answer.

On December 6, the two congressional chairs of the House and Senate Judiciary Committees tried again. The letter reads in part:

“We write to follow up on our November 22, 2016 letter regarding the agreement between the United States and Australia for the United States to consider for admission as refugees, potentially over 2,400 migrants currently detained in Papua New Guinea and Nauru, whom Australia has refused to admit. These migrants are nationals of countries like Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Iran, and Sudan, as well as others…

As you know, your agencies have deemed the agreement classified. This is despite the fact that classification of an agreement regarding individuals to be considered for admission by the U.S. Refugee Admissions Program is unprecedented…

The American people have a right to be fully aware of the actions of their government regarding foreign nationals who may be admitted to the United States. American taxpayers not only foot the bill for the majority of the refugee resettlement in the United States, but they bear any consequences regarding the security implications of those admitted to the U.S.”

Grassley and Goodlatte have told them to respond to the request by December 13, or provide a solid reason why.

Why did Australia reject these migrants? Why did they do a secret agreement? Something smells rotten.

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