Gov Newsom and Trump Derangement Syndrome

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California Gov Newsom signed 70 bills, and vetoed 58 on Saturday (Fox Business). Some of them may severely affect businesses in the state, but then, Democrats never take that into consideration.

Fur sales banned

Companies will no longer be allowed to sell any purses, boots, or other products that are made with the skin or fur of animals. Companies also no longer can have animals in circuses.

So much for wearing new fur coats. But then, California doesn’t get THAT cold anyway, right? Then there’s the circus issue- children could care less about acrobats…they go to see the animals.  So much for circuses. But they’ve been going out for years anyway, so we hear.

Fossil Fuels

Six of the bills are related to fossil fuels. State agencies will not be allowed to provide land in federally protected areas for fossil fuel extraction. Companies also have to provide an estimate of how much it will cost to cap wells and “decommission” fuel facilities. Californians should probably buy horses now…at least until some environmentalist finds that horse farts cause global warming.

“These reforms and new leadership will enhance safety of existing oil wells, refocus the state’s geologic energy division to better consider public health and fight against the Trump administration’s efforts to expand oil extraction in California.”

So all these bills are being done for one purpose: to fight against Trump. A stupid way to run a state.  Gov Newsom suffers from Trump Derangement Syndrome in a big way.


California now requires a new universal logo for marijuana vaping cartridges. They also are giving companies a five year tax deduction for their expenses (something that is against Federal law.)


Gov Newsom signed 15 gun laws on top of the already rigid California statutes. Only one gun per month, huge expansion of red flag laws, and safe storage that, if violated, would ban firearm purchase for 10 years.

No matter how many laws Gov Newsom signs, none of them will change the dynamic in California. Why? Once again, it’s because criminals pay no attention to laws. But they do cause more problems for ordinary gun owners.


California Red Flag Law Being Expanded


Up until the governor signed this plethora of bills, the California Insurance Guarantee Association had a cap of $500,000 for insurance claims. That now moves to $1 Million. It also provides protection for homeowners from 45 to 75 days.


The new law places a cap on rent to just 5% raises. Tenants are excited about this, but businesses like the California Realtors said that the caps could push owners out of the rental market and place the homes only as owner-occupied homes. In California’s housing shortage, that could pose a problem eventually.

All in all, the California legislature and Gov Newsom are in the process of controlling everything and everyone (except criminals, of course) in their state. Commiefornia isn’t just a joke anymore.

Featured photo: Gov Newsom screenshot-file


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  • Thomas Lawrence

    Bravo Faye, your voice is Not one crying in the wilderness but rather an unofficial Shout-Out which echoes within the hearts and minds of every Patriotic Americans…Carry on brave Sister, Carry On!!

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