Google, Facebook – no more ads for Fake News Sites

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Google and Facebook have teamed up to stop allowing ads for sites they believe are promoting fake news. They believe that it was the fake news sites that slanted the election in Trump’s favor, so they want to cut off their revenue. The move is based on a false premise…which could be bad for any news media on the web.

Reuters reported,

Facebook’s steps are limited to its ad policies, and do not target fake news sites shared by users on their news feeds.

“We do not integrate or display ads in apps or sites containing content that is illegal, misleading or deceptive, which includes fake news,” Facebook said in a statement, adding that it will continue to vet publishers to ensure compliance.

Google’s move similarly does not address the issue of fake news or hoaxes appearing in Google search results. That happened in the last few days, when a search for ‘final election count’ for a time took users to a fake news story saying Trump won the popular vote. Votes are still being counted, with Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton showing a slight lead.

Nor does Google suggest that the company has moved to a mechanism for rating the accuracy of particular articles.

Fake news

“Fake news” sites such as Christian Times and US Herald, a well as the above mentioned one that has been circulating after the election, are notoriously slanted to create the impression that their news is real. There are a plethora of others.

Then there is satire like the Onion, which is a legitimate form of writing. Will they yank that group from obtaining finances? It’s “fake.”


Google AdSense uses a combination of human and artificial intelligence to review the websites that apply to be part of their system.



There is an inherent danger in deciding that a website is fake because of the election of Donald Trump – it can lead to unreasoning censorship. Fake news had nothing to do with his election. From revelations of Wikileaks to the FBI itself, it was the Democrats and Clinton’s own corruption that put Mr. Trump in the White House.




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