Going Nowhere Fast: Pushing the Facebook Appeal Button

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Pushing the Facebook Appeal Button is an exercise in futility. There is no place to actually make an appeal to their bots or their board of killer liberals. We spent a long time this morning writing up an appeal and there was no one to read it, as usual. Bottom line: they don’t really give a crap about who wants an appeal. “We’ll take another look” is about as effective as it has always been: zilch.

Without hearing from us, or understanding our audience or members, ‘taking another look’ is bogus.

Every time we were taken down before we pressed that button. Every time it went nowhere. Nothing was done. This Facebook-wide purge means there is no one to help us get it back.

Facebook Fascists and Their Kristallnacht

We are a US Marine Veteran owned Clothing Brand. We use a blog at our website to comment on the trending issues of the day to our followers. We are not an ad farm, nor do we use any kind of “bots.” All of our posts are generated manually, including our posts about t-shirts and other items for sale from our store. They encourage people/groups to advertise on Facebook, yet rip the pages down when we do.

We’re scaring the left

If you were a Democrat and looked at our actual weekly reach and demographics, you’d be extremely nervous. Right before Midterm Elections and in states that the left thinks are locked up blue.

One week: over 19K in New York, 11K in Chicago, 17K in just 2 cities in California. 67% are men, 33% are women.

One week of reach from our website = over 33 Million. Think about it — is the left nervous?

If you were a Democrat, a liberal, would any of that bother you? Of course it would. You don’t want that many people reading anything we publish, especially in those areas or in those age or gender groups.  When our followers share what we write the reach becomes huge. Time to knock us down.

We are not “trained Journalists” and never have been

Our blog articles are researched and links are provided within the stories to go back to the news media from which they were taken. Those who have written our articles are not “trained journalists” and never have been: they are columnists, which is a distinct difference, the definition of which allows for opinions on those trending issues.

We interview veterans both active and retired on a regular basis, as well as political figures. We write blogs based on news stories from other media. We do not now, and never have, regarded ourselves as trained journalists, but have reported things of interest specifically to our followers.

This article, for example was written from an interview: https://news.unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com/mission-22-memorial-veteran-suicide-awareness-broken-arrow-oklahoma/

We occasionally do a poignant reminder to remember our veterans with PTSD: https://news.unclesamsmisguidedchildren.com/tribute-brothers-lost/

We have also blogged about the Blackwater Trial and follow-ups from the family and defense perspective – blogs that were never intended to be objective interviews. We are biased- that is a fact, because we only cover issues of interest to our followers. We stand for the Constitution, plain pure and simple. It is a passion, a calling that the left hates.


Why is it that right wing pages and liberty-loving free thinking pages were pulled down and leftist pages like “Occupy Democrats” are still up? Why is that? Could it be “bias” on the part of Facebook’s “good censors?” There were several “bad” pages taken down as tokens amidst the purge, but the fact is that hundreds of popular Conservative pages were ripped from the confines of Facebook.

They said it was our “bad behavior.” They didn’t like how we shared things. They didn’t like our opinions inside the articles because they demand that only MSM articles be used. Facebook feels those are the only “legitimate” views. They hated our memes. ‘You can’t have an opinion on the trending issues of the day, because  d*** it, that goes against our liberal sensibilities.’ They call themselves “good censors.”

Censorship is censorship and goes directly against the Bill of Rights. Millions have died for that right, and Facebook deleted it in one fell swoop.

A mighty Community, a brotherhood and sisterhood of members

Our followers include military veterans from every branch, both active and retired, as well as first responders from police to firefighters to EMTs. We also have thousands of civilians from every walk of life. The common denominator for them all is a love of America and the Constitution. We stand for the flag, we fight for our country, we don’t give up and we don’t give in.

Removing our 2+million follower page at a time when our veterans and police absolutely need the connection is wrong. We are a brand, a place of fellowship and friendship for them to talk about the things which bother them. They know us. They trust us to be like-minded. The name “Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children” is a nickname for the United States Marine Corps – a brotherhood, a sisterhood.  We are a nation…and we will never let them win.



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