Gilroy Garlic Festival Shooting -3 Dead

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The Gilroy Garlic Festival in California had an active shooter at around 5:41 p.m. on July 28. Three people are dead, including a 6 year old boy, and 15 are injured. Suspect was identified as Santino William Legan, 19, whom police shot and killed soon afterward. There is a manhunt for any accomplices.

Update: the weapon used was an AK-47.

The gunman began his deadly shooting spree near the Amphitheater stage at the festival after cutting through the security fence. One person reportedly who came face to face with him asked him why he was shooting people, and he replied, “Because I’m really angry,” as reported by

Stephen Romero, 6, was killed in the shooting. His parents were also injured.

CBS reported,

Federal law enforcement sources told CBS News the FBI was among numerous law enforcement agencies at the scene assisting Gilroy police, who were leading the investigation.

[Chief] Smithee said the suspect or suspects appeared to have cut through a wire fence at a creek bordering the festival grounds to bypass heavy security to gain access.

There was no early word on a possible motive. Witnesses told CBS News the gunman appeared to be firing at random. Some witnesses said he suddenly appeared from behind a stage before beginning to shoot.

Witnesses stated he reloaded because the shooting stopped for a second, and that his weapon had an extended magazine. Others assumed he had a “machine gun.”

The Gilroy Garlic Festival is a 3 day event – Sunday was the last day, and would have ended about 20 minutes after the shooting began. The Festival has been held since 1979, and raises money for charities. Gilroy is about 80 miles southeast of San Francisco, and is known as the “Garlic capital of the world.”

Legan’s social media account on Instagram was scrubbed immediately. had screenshots:

gilroy garlic festival
In one post he says: Ayyy garlic festival…

As usual, people are screaming for gun control…in one of the most heavily gun controlled states in the country. Emotion overpowers reason every time. From California to New York State, it should prove that gun control does not work as they intended, but that’s never the thought.

Featured photo: screenshot via Twitter


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    You are right. We have strict gun laws but you can get guns anywhere. California is ignorant.

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