Germany Unveiled Statue of Communist Lenin, as Communist Symbol Defaces WWII Monument in Charlottesville

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Gelsenkirchen, Germany unveiled a statue of the Bolshevik Communist Dictator Vladimir Lenin, even as historical statues in the United States are being torn down. The Communist theme is being played out across Europe…and in America as well. The hammer and sickle appeared on a WWII Monument in Charlottesville over the weekend, as it has appeared in demonstrations, with flags, t-shirts, and graffiti for at least a decade.


Actually, Lincoln has already been targeted in London, where a statue of Churchill was also targeted. The Commies seem to be confused on their history…or are they? It’s an agenda, as we’ve been telling you. So as the enraged Black Lives Matter/Antifa mob tears apart the history of Western Civilization, one town in Germany is honoring a Marxist who viciously crushed the Ukraine and invaded Azerbaijan, Georgia, and Poland. What they think they are doing is completely opposite of what they are really doing.

“The time for monuments to racists, anti-Semites, fascists, anti-communists and other relics of the past has clearly passed… Lenin was an ahead-of-his-time thinker of world-historical importance, an early fighter for freedom and democracy.” Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany (MLPD) chairwoman Gabi Fechtner (Breitbart)

Uh..not even close.  Her history book and mine are not even on the same planet. Lenin led the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, which ultimately resulted in the formation of the USSR (Union of Soviet Socialist Republics). From Lenin to Stalin, the USSR  was most certainly not a model of “freedom and democracy.”

Over 100 Million people (WSJ)  were executed, starved, or died in forced labor camps known as gulags at the hands of Communist regimes.

America – a statue, vandalism, and the Communist agenda

Tearing down statues, even when those statues were people who helped Blacks, the Marxists rumbling across America now are for a system of government that is extremely repressive. Their “respect” for anything they don’t like is nonexistent. Do they really care about races? No, they have an agenda. A Marxist agenda. They want to foment revolution.

A case in point is the WWII Memorial in Charlottesville, North Carolina that was defaced. Sometime between Sunday and Monday at the Evergreen Cemetery, a Communist symbol  appeared on the face of it, and a reference to a prison massacre during riots in Peru was scrawled across the wall. “Glory to the day of heroism June 19, 1986.” (Which we have seen before on another vandalism back in May.) (Via WBTV)

What that massacre has to do with Black Lives Matter, or anything in this country is questionable. An Air Force Veteran named Mike White grabbed some friends and worked to clean off the damage to the memorial.

The memorial has the names of 500 veterans who fought in WWII and gave their lives for this country. They are deserving of respect and honor for their sacrifice. But in this new Communist/Socialist atmosphere, duty, honor, country is nonexistent.

Featured Photo: screenshot of Charlottesville monument  via WBTV


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    Well, Merkel is a Communist, and BLM is Marxist, so yeah…

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