German Train Attack! Afghan Refugee Slashes Passengers While Shouting Allahu Akbar

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German Train attack ! Afghan Refugee Slashes Passengers While Shouting Allahu Akbar

A 17 year old Afghan refugee aboard a  German passenger train attacked 4 people with an axe and a knife, three of them critically. From 10 to 15 others had unknown injuries. When the train stopped, he attempted to flee, but when he lunged at police, they shot him dead.

UPDATE: ISIS has claimed responsibility for this attack, though authorities believe he was “self-radicalized” and had no direct link to the group.

The suspect reportedly shouted “allahu akbar” as he slashed the passengers.

The incident occurred on the Würzburg-Ansbach line, and after the attack that line was shut down while police investigate.

The boy had come to Germany as an “unaccompanied minor” and was placed in foster care with a family in Ochsenfurt, according to

Police helicopters were deployed as the offender attempted to flee the train. He was shot dead by tactical police.

The three passengers who are in critical condition have “life-threatening” injuries according to German media.

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The narrative of the media  

This should put to rest the Obama narrative of the poor, misunderstood Muslim children who are “no threat” because they’re just kids and all by themselves. But it won’t.

The Mainstream media both here and in Europe are saying the “motive is unknown.”  One Muslim tweeted that  this was all just a stereotyping of Muslims. It’s not a stereotype if it’s true.

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