German State Pulls Pork From School Menus

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German State Pulls Pork From School Menus

Give me bacon or give me death! Ok that’s not exactly how the Patrick Henry quote on liberty goes, but it is related to freedom.  And it appears that at least one German state, Schleswig-Holstein, has decided to pull pork from school and nursery menus due to the influx of Muslims.

German state

According to Breaking Israel News, the majority party, CDU,  says it is working to preserve German citizen’s rights, and will try to preserve the choice of pork, at least in public venues.

“The protection of minorities – including for religious reasons – must not mean that the majority is overruled in their free decision by ill-conceived consideration.  The consumption of pork belongs to our culture. Religious tolerance also means the appreciation and sufferance of other food cultures and lifestyles. Having pork on the menu does not obligate anyone to consume the pig product. No one should be obliged to do so. But we also don’t want the majority having to refrain from pork.” Daniel Günther,  CDU parliamentary group leader

But in many cases in Europe the majority IS being overruled by the minorities, not only in food products like this example, but in public policies.


Freedom of choice is being destroyed by political correctness. But before you point fingers at Germany, it’s happening here in the United States in more subtle ways. They tried to ban pork in federal prisons. In October of 2015, the news broke that a World Health Organization “study” showed that bacon, and red meat are linked to cancer. They lumped “processed meats” into the same category as the carcinogens in cigarettes.

Agendas come in all shapes and sizes. As Germany focuses on trying to be politically correct and serve their Muslim “guests,” their women and children are steadily in more peril across the country. The rape crisis in Europe has grown to enormous proportions.

In the meantime, pork is not evil. Neither is bacon.  And as I said at the beginning, give me bacon or give me death.  If I  die from it, I die happy.

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