German Muslim Migrants Spend Vacations in the Countries They Left – at Taxpayer Expense

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A jaw dropping story out of Germany shows that Muslim “asylum seekers”who have come to Germany to find “refuge” are vacationing in the very same countries where they were allegedly “persecuted.” And they are doing so with the gracious benefits given to them by the German government – 21 days a year of vacations. newspaper reported,

The newspaper learned of recognized asylum seekers who have been unemployed for a short time traveled to countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Lebanon. Then they come back to Germany.

Accordingly, there has been corresponding incidents in Berlin labor agencies. People who are familiar with the processes, but assume that this is happening in other regions in Germany.

Reports are that there is no legal method by which the government can ask the migrants where they are going. And if an agency knows that they are returning to the country they came from, they are not allowed to report it to any other agency for “privacy” reasons.


The Daily Mail reported,

A BAMF statement quoted in the German newspaper said: ‘In the case, however, when the journey is being conducted for leisure purposes, this may be an indication that the refugee fears no persecution.’ 

In cases like this, the agency said, a migrant would be stripped of asylum status.

The newspaper states the situation has been witnessed in Berlin, but alleged that it is happening across the country.

German MP Armin Schuster, a member of the parliamentary committee for the interior, said: ‘If true, that leaves one speechless.’

Speechless is a word you could use. Germany has thrown its economy into a downhill slide because of the benefits given to refugees (have you heard this before somewhere?).

If the visit is because of the illness of a family member, that’s one thing. Germany may now be able to change their laws to remove the blockages to common sense.


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