Georgia Soldier Hangs on to Child’s Letter for 10 years

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Kennesaw, Georgia – Georgia Soldier, Lt.Col. Sharlene Pigg spoke to an elementary school class when she was still a Major in 2007. Many of the 2nd graders wrote thank you notes to her afterwards. But one in particular stood out…8 year old Collin Martin later sent her a letter, asking her to come back and have a pizza with him at his family’s restaurant. He even included a coupon.

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Screenshot of Collin’s letter to Major Sharlene Pigg via Fox5

Lt. Col Pigg was stationed in Afghanistan at the time, and was visiting the school while she was on leave.

“He was the one student who said please come back and see me.” Lt. Col Pigg

It mean so much to her that she carried that letter with her in all her deployments thereafter.

Nearly 10 years later, she is about to retire from the US Army after her 25 year career. She decided it was time to find that young boy, Collin Martin,  and take him up on his offer.

Fox5 reported,

With the letter and that ten-year-old coupon in hand, she showed up at his family’s pizza shop. Lt. Col. Pigg, Collin and even that second grade teacher, Laura Storch, met and talked about how much that letter meant to her while she was overseas.

“The servicemen and women greatly appreciate a card, letter, email or care package. But it doesn’t even take that much, a simple thank you on the street goes a long way and is a great reminder of why we serve,” said Lt. Col. Pigg.

Letters from home. Letters from strangers or children. Letters of appreciation…all are important to a service member who is far from home. A simple thank you as you meet a veteran on the street. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an easier deployment with no major fighting, a hospital where the battle is recovery,  or a place where danger lurks around every rock…feeling appreciated is a universal need.

Collin, Laura Storch, the teacher, and Lt Col Sharlene Pigg meet to talk about how important that letter was to her. – Screenshot via Fox5


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