Georgia Official Says Nearly 1,000 People Voted Twice

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You may ask how can someone vote twice in an election? It’s actually simple: first they vote by absentee ballot. Then on election day, they show up at the polls and vote again. A Georgia official said that nearly 1000 people did that very thing in both June’s primary and a run-off election in August. (The Epoch Times)

“Every double voter will be investigated thoroughly. A double voter knows exactly what they’re doing, diluting the votes of each and every voter that follows the law. Those that make the choice to game the system are breaking the law. And as secretary of state, I will not tolerate it. No one gets to vote twice. Everyone gets one vote.” Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger

Raffensperger intially encouraged people to vote absentee. With many states advocating voting by mail (the excuse being COVID-19), the President has repeatedly stated that mail-in voting could create conditions for fraud. The Georgia official giving the news about 1000 people voting twice is a case in point.

What could happen with mail in voting?

The entire voting process could grind to a halt. It every state that allows mail-in voting doesn’t process those votes in a timely manner, the results of the election could drag on for weeks or months. If the election shows a Trump electroal landslide, but numerous states find more and more ballots that haven’t been tallied, the process could slow to a crawl. It’s a nightmare scenario that Democrats would love to see happen. Of course lawsuits could be filed and eventuayll Chief Justice John Roberts would have to decide…but he hasn’t exactly been reliable lately.

In July of 2020, thousands of mail-in votes were rejected because they arrived too late, weren’t signed, or had other discrepancies.

An NPR analysis has found that in the primary elections held so far this year, at least 65,000 absentee or mail-in ballots have been rejected because they arrived past the deadline, often through no fault of the voter.

While the numbers are relatively small — around 1% in most states — they could prove crucial in a close election, especially one in which many more voters are expected to cast absentee and mail-in ballots to avoid going to the polls during a pandemic. NPR

As we have previously reported, absentee ballots are requested by the voter, so there are verification processes involved. Blanket ballot mailings are something different. When ballots are sent unsolicited, the danger of fraud is off the charts.

With people voting twice, and/or ballots being rejected, this election could prove to be a nightmare. We hope this works itself out prior to November 3.


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