Georgia Fighting Back Against Delta Airlines Dumping NRA

 In 2nd Amendment

Delta Airlines removed the NRA from their website and notified the organization they would no longer grant discounts to their members. That will not only cost the businesses in big dollars, but it has engaged- as liberals so often do- in viewpoint discrimination rather than finding solutions. Nowhere is the fallout more evident than in Georgia, where Lt Governor Casey Cagle vowed to block any legislation that would benefit Delta Airlines unless they immediately reinstate the NRA.

Update: Georgia lawmakers overwhelmingly approved yanking the tax break from Delta Airlines on Thursday.

Yep, that’s a fighter. Lt Governor Cagle is the leading Republican candidate for Georgia Governor.

“If corporate America wants to make a positive difference on gun violence, it should donate a portion of its profits to mental health issues and school safety initiatives. They should put their money where their mouth is instead of engaging in viewpoint discrimination against Conservatives and law-abiding gun owners.” Casey Cagle

And he’s not alone. Rick Jeffares, a former state Senator and candidate for Lt Governor stated,

“If Delta is so flush that they don’t need NRA members’ hard-earned travel dollars, it can certainly do without the $40 million tax break they are asking Georgia taxpayers for.” Rick Jeffares….who voted FOR the tax break  previously.

Corporate Fallout

Delta Airlines claims their action was meant to “disengage” from the political fight.  “Delta’s decision reflects the airline’s neutral status in the current national debate over gun control amid recent school shootings. Out of respect for our customers and employees on both sides, Delta has taken this action to refrain from entering this debate and focus on its business. Delta continues to support the 2nd Amendment.” Delta statement

Which is a load of …well, you know. It is a blatant statement for gun control and reflects the corporation’s idea that the NRA is somehow to blame for the Florida shooting. Which is total nonsense and a radical left wing talking point. It in no way removes them from the political issue. Instead it places them directly in the middle of it.

The other corporations that have caved to the liberal pressure are:

United Airlines, Hertz car rentals, Enterprise car rentals, Avis and Budget rental company, Symantec Security Company, TrueCar purchasing company, MetLife insurance, SimpliSafe home security, and First National Bank of Omaha.

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