George Young – Hawaiian Army Veteran Who Won 2A Case at Ninth Circuit

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George Young spent most of his life carrying a gun for a living. But because he lives in Hawaii, he spent the better part of ten years fighting for the right to do it as a private citizen. On July 24, he won a major victory at the Ninth Circuit Court – in itself an amazing feat, based on their past rulings. We wrote about the July ruling here. But getting there was only part of the battle, and only the beginning, according to the Free Beacon.

Mr. Young joined the US Army Infantry at age 17 and served in Vietnam. After his Army service, he went to work for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). He then worked in armed Airport Security. All of which required him to carry a weapon.

Screenshot of George Young in Army uniform

But when he tried to obtain a carry permit as a private citizen in Hawaii, he was denied twice. After his daughter, Tim, who asked him to “fight the state” on the 2nd Amendment died in a car accident, he wanted to honor her by fighting in court.

After every lawyer he contacted turned his case down, he began studying Constitutional law himself. He tried filing cases…both of which were dismissed without even being allowed in the courtroom. Finally, he ran across Alan Beck, a California lawyer with license to practice in Hawaii, and had experience in gun cases.

“This is a true exercise in willpower. George had actually never been allowed to appear in court. They just keep dismissing him, throwing him out without giving him an opportunity to be heard. I thought that was wrong. I told him ‘I’m at least gonna try to give you your day in court. I’m not gonna say whether we win or lose. I’ll do my best, I’ll try—at least I’ll get you your day in court’…

George is a good man. The federal court system isn’t just for big businesses. It should be for everyone. I feel strongly he at least needed to be allowed to be heard, especially over something like the Second Amendment. You know, he’s complaining about his constitutional rights, and they’re not even letting him show up.” Alan Beck

Bravo, Mr. Beck. As with most court cases, the State of Hawaii doesn’t want just two out of 3 judges deciding the case, so they have requested an “en banc” hearing in September.

For his part, George wants to take it all the way to the Supreme Court. He believes that the Constitution tells the states what to do, not the other way around.

In 2017, the State of Hawaii issued no carry permits at all. Not. Even. One. Can this obvious violation of the 2nd amendment be stopped? George Young is giving it a try.




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