George Washington University Wants to Get Rid of Their “Offensive” Mascot

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According to Breitbart, two hundred George Washington University students have signed a petition to get rid of their “offensive” mascot (George Washington). They’d rather be called “hippos” or “revolutionaries” or “riverhorses.” No, this is not satire.

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So, if they want to get rid of their “colonials” mascot, who is patterned after George Washington, what will they call their university then? Hippo U?

They believe the mascot portrays “colonialism,” which they say is offensive to foreign students.

The GW Hatchet, the school paper, reported,

“Sophomore Rachel Yakobashvili said she and two other students launched the first petition ever on the Student Association’s advocacy website GW Voice last week to encourage the University to consider new mascot options, like “Hippos,” “Revolutionaries” or “Riverhorses.”

More than 200 students have signed onto the petition as of Wednesday, and if the petition hits 500 signatures, SA leadership will be required to respond.

“It’s hard to have school pride when the thing that you have to be prideful for is so offensive,” Yakobashvili said.

She said she understands that it’s expensive to change all campus branding when making the switch, but said it’s necessary to make GW inclusive. She said the organizers haven’t heard any pushback from students who want the Colonial mascot to stay.”

If people constantly complain about things like mascots, flags, and names, this nation will never survive. George Washington was our first President. Many students and professors hate our current President so it’s no wonder they’d hate the first one too. If someone from a foreign country hates us for “colonialism,” then perhaps they should go somewhere else to school.

The name “Colonials” dates to 1926. George Washington University is a Colonial school that dates back to 1821, and was founded to honor the desire of our first President that the Nation’s capitol be a place of education. I’ts no longer “education” now it’s just activism.

“Constant complaint is the poorest sort of pay for all the comforts we enjoy.” Benjamin Franklin

…Yeah I know, he was one of those “rich old white men” who founded our nation.

  • Joe zeno

    How about instead of worrying about what someone may or may not have done in the past you start worrying about what you can do for the future.

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