Is Generation Z More Conservative? Or Just Sick of Leftist Drivel?

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Research into the political leanings of Generation Z has concluded that they have a strong Libertarian bent on many issues. They tend to be more like moderate Republicans than screaming left wing Democrats. Could it be that they are beginning to fight back against the continual complaining of liberal nutjobs? Or maybe they just see through the lies.

Students at an unknown school supposedly trolled their anti-Trump teachers some time back in July. The video, posted on July 11, 2017, by a group called “Drama City Hip Hop,” went viral, but none of the places that posted it could tell us exactly where it was.  Whether the video is a real one or not we don’t know, but it is hilarious. Were these kids “racist and sexist?”  They weren’t, if real, they were simply having a great time getting even for the anti-Trump rhetoric they’d heard all semester.

It would seem that kids are deciding to fight back. In this teacher’s case, they not only made fun of the space in her front teeth, but posted Trump posters wherever they could. Not to mention the “wall”…which her Hispanic teacher friend clearly did not care for.

Is it common for students at graduation to pull pranks on their teachers? Oh yeah. Especially if the teacher was a royal pain all year long and tried to cram their political beliefs down students throats instead of teach the class they were supposed to be teaching. Totally normal.

Commenters on the video had something to say in a forum

“As for the students, it doesn’t surprise me. Conservatism hasn’t been a dominant culture in decades. Academia, Hollywood, News Broadcasting are all left dominated. It’s only natural for these newer generations coming up to rebel against that.”

And this one

“It really is for kids these days, and without knowing the backstory to this I’m gonna venture a guess and say that constant anti-Trump rhetoric from the teacher plus a curriculum full of “progressive” virtue signalling may have played a major part in these students going full Deplorable.” 

Liberal teachers have been running the asylum for far too long.  If these actions indicate that kids are starting to fight back, perhaps “Generation Z” is regaining their sense of humor. Millennials lost theirs a long time ago.

Here are just a few of the situations that came up this last year:

It is past time for kids to fight back. And we love it!

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