Gardena Police Search for Suspect in Hit and Run of Army Veteran

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Gardena Police are searching for the driver of a car that intentionally ran into a disabled Army veteran. The entire incident was caught on surveillance footage.

Joshua Byrd, a US Army veteran who served two tours in Iraq, was walking his service dog at around 6:30 a.m. on Monday in the 13000 Block of Cimmaron Street in Gardena. He noted that a man pitched some garbage out of his car onto the street.

He approached the man and asked him to pick it up. The man did not respond to his request, so Joshua picked up the garbage and put it on the hood of the man’s car.

Cue the rage.

KTLA reported,

“The driver lingered in the area, and a couple minutes later took the trash off his car and threw it back into the street. Then, he began cussing at Byrd and driving in circles in front of him, the veteran said.

“He’s getting out the car and he threw a couple bottles of pee at me,” Byrd told KTLA. “So it was urine in a container and he was throwing it at me. Luckily none of it got on me.”

At that point, Byrd went to stand in the road in an attempt to get a picture of the man’s car. That’s when he was struck.

“He just makes another U-turn and guns it straight toward me at about 35, 40 mph and hits me,” Byrd said.”

The entire incident was caught on footage from a surveillance camera across the street.  Mr. Byrd had a fractured wrist, whiplash, sprained ankle, road rash, stitches in his face, and bruising from the incident. Fortunately, his service dog was uninjured.

Police have not released a description of the perpetrator, but Byrd says he was a “heavy set” black male, about 5’5″- 5’8″ tall. Law enforcement is investigating this incident as an assault with a deadly weapon.

The Gardena police number is: 310-217-9600 if anyone has information.



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