Gabby Giffords: Use of Guns for Self-Defense, “Good Guy With a Gun” is a Myth

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Gabby Giffords has an anti-gun group – Courage to Fight Gun Violence- that recently tweeted that the use of guns for self-defense is a “myth” used to “scare people into buying guns.” She took her tweet from NPR- a notable anti-gun left-wing media.

Let’s see…if someone with a CCW permit had been in the crowd the day that crackpot shot her, the outcome would have been very different. But liberals refuse to know the true facts of anything. They prefer raw emotion in order to sway their minions and work them into a lather. It appears that Giffords’ group is still in the business of spreading lies. And Twitter users proceeded to let her know that…not that it will help. Neither she nor her gun-grabbing group will ever be convinced.

Then of course there’s that last article we posted:

Then of course there’s the definition of “rare” that needs addressing:

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  • USMCM14

    Well she does have documented brain damage apparently it causes uncontrollable lying !!! LMFAO

  • Buzzy

    Gabby Gifford, Is being propped up by big money sponsors now to say this Bologna! So ask her the Tough Question. Why did She tell the Sheriff of Pima County, Clarence Dupnick Her close Personal Friend and Democrat, Before the Jan 8th “Congress on your Corner” at Ina and Oracle. Gabby Refused to have a uniformed Presence, and an armed plainclothes presence she said “No, I want everyone to feel welcome.” Gabby is responsible for banning guns from her get together against the wishes of her Friend the Sheriff…..

  • Rocco Supino

    It amazes me how much ignorance dominates those who oppose the 2nd amendment especially since there subjected to the same hurt everyone else is..and to promote this to those whom are either naive or just don’t get the truth or do get it and take the position that these things will never happen to them is short a casket somewhere along the line. It’s sad pushing a false narrative for political gain.

  • Jim tweet

    I have my CCP and have decided to keep it holstered unless I or my family is in danger. I do not want to be responsible for saving a liberals life. I suggest all my fellow gun owners use the same judgement. Help save america

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