G7 Summit, Change to G8?, Free Trade or No Trade? Does Trump Make Trudeau Sweat?

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Just prior to the Singapore Summit, President Trump attended the G7 summit in Canada. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau did what could be called an incredibly stupid move- he “backstabbed” Trump by calling US tariffs “insulting” just after the President left for the Singapore Summit. Which led to the President refusing to sign the communique after the meetings. And people ridiculing Trudeau’s eyebrow.

Trump’s idea is to turn the G7 into a free trade zone. Canada currently charges high tariffs on US farm goods, in particular, Dairy products. Trump is trying to get them to reduce or stop the tariffs altogether. Thus far it has been met with disdain.

He also wants to restore Russia’s place at the table- they lost it in 2014 after they invaded Crimea. Only Italy was in favor of that idea.

The media’s panic over the tense meetings came to the forefront when Trump made it clear that if they didn’t lower their tariffs we would just cut off trade. Although our President sounds harsh a lot of the time, it is specifically designed to accomplish something: in this case, stopping these other nations from using us as a ‘sugar daddy.’

Trump says there are further negotiations on this situation, and that you can count on. He keeps his promises.

A little ridicule: Then the news pictures of Trudeau’s eyebrow that looked like it was a fake one, went viral. Of course Snopes calls that false.

Now you have it: Trump makes Justin Trudeau sweat.

Featured photo: screenshot via Deadline.  Trump looks calm, everyone else looks a little tense.

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