G20 Violent Protest footage, Melania stuck at Guest House

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Uncle Sam’s received some video footage of the property damage and riots in Hamburg, Germany during the G20 Summit. The violence was so severe that First Lady Melania Trump could not attend a climate change briefing. Both she and Australian Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull were stuck in the guest house.

Many thanks to Philipp in Hamburg for some of this footage:

“The Hamburg police could not give us clearance to leave (the residence).” Stephanie Grisham, Melania’s spokeswoman

The streets of Hamburg were riddled with violence on July 7, a continuance of the protests that began two days before the G20 Summit. Antifa- black-clothed, mask wearing anarchists- created chaos wherever they went. They broke more windows, set cars on fire, threw rocks, bottles, chairs, and anything else they could find. They injured people…and it had absolutely nothing to do with any “cause.”

The cause was anarchy. No rule of law.

During the first round of violence, 59 police were injured. By last night 111-213 police officers were injured and 29-43 were arrested, with 265 being held by Hamburg police. Some protesters were injured by police riot batons. The number of police deployed to the situation was 15,000, as they worked to clean up the mess.

“The brutality with which extremely violent chaos has taken place yesterday and before yesterday in Hamburg is incomprehensible and outrageous. These are not protesters, they are criminals.” Thomas de Maiziere, Ministry of  the Interior


In spite of the protests, the leftist hate, the violence, the continual media bashing, President Trump is still standing.  Even his speech in Warsaw elicited chants of USA, USA and Donald Trump, Donald Trump.


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