Fresno State Professor Sparks Outrage Over Tweet Calling Former First Lady Barbara Bush “Racist”

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Randa Jarrar, a Fresno State Professor remained unapologetic over a tweet in which she stated that now deceased former First Lady Barbara Bush was an “amazing racist” and had raised a “war criminal.” No matter what anyone thinks about a President, this lack of respect for someone who died is despicable. And then to be so arrogant about it…

“I work as a tenured professor. I make 100K a year doing that. I will never be fired. I will always have people wanting to hear what I have to say.” Randa Jarrar

The former First Lady passed away on Tuesday at the age of 92.  Barbara Bush was accessible, kind, and worked hard to help promote the cause of literacy in the United States.

Jarrar’s hatred makes her sound like a member of the Westboro Baptist church. Living in that much hate has got to be draining.

By the way, she has set her Twitter feed to private, as all cowards do after they’ve stepped in the social media cow pie.

The attempt to distance themselves from her rhetoric fell extremely flat, as she purports herself as a faculty member, not a private citizen. And yes, there are ways a tenured professor can be fired. If they do not censure her, if they let this go, then people should not send their students to this school. #BoycottFresnoState.


Barbara and George HW Bush -The couple was married for over 70 years. R.I.P., Barbara Bush  —Official White House photo

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  • barry sucktero

    she am all kinds of Fat and FUGLY

  • Mellz

    What a scuzzy scum bucket! Im sure her underwear smell as bad as her stanky ass comments! Im sure she must have been hangry when she wrote her post…all her four stomaches must have been rumbling in agony for lack of food with in the last 45 minutes of her pathetic miserable self. The only penis that will ever find her vagina under that mud flap muffin top she calls a stomach is that of a Bull Rhino that has been sex deprived in captivity..minus that hiddeous polka-dot frock of a nightmare she is wearing as a top. If she makes 100k a year she needs to invest in a very very good plastic surgeon to over haul her big fat sloppy nasty ugly ass… Pretty is as pretty does…and this pig doesn’t…Im sure she is at the slop trough oink oink oink….

  • James Hopkins

    Ok Joseph I. Castro, if this professors comments and views are “contrary to the colleges core values and beliefs, why are you not dismissing her immediately?

  • Eddie Rodriguez

    Some people just have no self-respect that they show no respect for anyone else she’s simply disgusting inside and out

  • Steven

    She’s happy Mrs. Bush is dead? Not nearly as happy as the whole country was when we all got to see Saddam hanging by his broken neck. I can’t wait until she has the same fate. Let me guess I’m a racist but she is a great person even though she said exactly the same thing I did.

  • Chryste Garcia

    What a disrespectful hateful woman who is so small minded and bored in her own little life as to go on record for her 15 minutes of fame with such stupidity to be remembered by.. whether you liked the Bushes or not everyone is owed respect at the time of death of a beloved family member. You are not God. Only he vhf can judge a person’s character. What does it say about a University that is there to teach our youth that would allow such comments or even have hired such a small minded person to teach our youth lifes lessons.

  • Charlie

    Really–Fresno State, I’m sure your policies can find a way of interpretation that will allow you to kick this sorry excuse for an adult out the door. Perhaps ALL the students should gather and block her from getting to class or even to a bldg.Hey, how about egging her car every day till the horse’s ass quits coming.Then the proper thing would be for No One to hire her–except for a manua scooper-itd be right up her alley.😳

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