Fresno Shooting – 3 dead, Suspect in Custody after Shouting Allahu Akbar

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A man went on a shooting spree at 10:45 a.m., killing 3, in downtown Fresno, California on Tuesday. He shouted “Allahu Akbar” just prior to his arrest. Kori Ali Muhammad, who went by “Black Jesus” and claims to hate whites, is in custody for the murders. He was already a suspect in the murder of a security guard from Motel 6 last week. All of the victims were white.

He also shot at another person today, but missed. He attempted to shoot at another security guard at the Motel on Thursday but missed that person also.

Muhammad moved through Fresno, spraying bullets apparently “randomly.” One struck a PG&E worker in a utility truck, killing him. In a desperate attempt to get away and help his passenger, the driver of that truck raced to the police department, but it was too late.

The second victim was killed on Fulton Street, and the last one one was shot in the parking lot of Catholic Charities. At least 16 shots were fired in in 4 locations. Police were notified by a gun shot warning system that lets police know when someone fires a gun.

In a press conference, Fresno City Chief of Police Jerry Dyer stated that after the last shooting, when he spotted police officers, he yelled “Allahu Akbar,” pitched the weapon away and dropped to the ground. He was then taken into custody. Dyer said that the department has a K-9 looking for the weapon at this time.

He also stated that since Muhammad had posted anti-government sentiments on his FB page, that Fresno police notified the FBI.

According to, Muhammad, who is also known by Kori Taylor, was arrested in 2005 on federal drug and firearm charges, receiving 110 months in prison. He was released from 92 months of supervision in September of 2016.

Kori Ali Muhammad will be charged with 4 counts of murder, and 2 counts of attempted murder.

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