French Policeman Attacked by 30 Migrants Opened Fire to Defend Himself

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Sevran, France: When a French policeman showed up to the scene of rocks being thrown at Firemen, the officer was violently taken by about 30 individuals to the neighborhood of Cité Basse in Sevran.

He was then was struck in the helmet with a “stone the size of a cinder block,” and beaten “violently” with iron bars. Then he was dragged about 32 yards (30 meters). He finally opened fire with his gun several times, striking one of the assailants in the stomach.

By the time reinforcements came to his aid, his face was bloodied and he was covered with bruises. The only person arrested  for the attack was the man who had been shot in the stomach. Both are hospitalized as of Saturday morning.

The public prosecutor in Bobigny is investigating.

Why did he wait so long to shoot? Because that’s how it’s done in politically correct Europe. Do the normal French citizens want this kind of mob violence in their country? The officer could have lost his life had he not started shooting.

In December of 2016, a law was proposed in France to give police officers greater freedom in using their firearms. Up to that point,  French policemen were literally reluctant to use their guns. According to the article about this particular French policeman, he was still “reluctant” to shoot his weapon. They are “afraid of breaking the rules.” It is unclear whether the law passed, but French police are STILL reluctant to use their weapons.

Breaking those rules can lead to immediate suspension pending an investigation, which in reality isn’t much different than here in the United States at this point in time. In the USA, if it continues in the direction it’s going, police may become afraid of discharging their firearms as well…which could bring about tragedy on an even wider scale.

“It’s a Catch-22. When someone is holding a petrol bomb and is ready to throw it, if you use your weapon you are in big trouble. If the petrol bomb lands on you before you can use your weapon, you are also in big trouble because you are being burned. So what’s the point of being armed?” Versailles police officer Nicholas to

“We work in filthy, run-down police stations, we have to provide much of our own equipment – business cards and even pens. We don’t have up-to-date communications or radio equipment and we are expected to rely almost completely on our private mobile phones. Above all, none of us feels we can defend ourselves properly.” Alexandre Langlois to

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