French Police Protests -“We’re no longer able to defend ourselves”

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French police have been staging protests, saying that they are fed up with not having the resources to defend themselves. They accuse Francoise Hollande of failing to protect the security of France, and police officers in particular.

“We’re sick of hearing about colleagues getting attacked. And on top of it all, it feels like we’re getting no emotional response from the government.” Police officer to French TV station


Screenshot of French police protest in Paris

The first protest began in Paris at the Champs Elysees on Monday.

“We want to fight against the trivialization of violence against the police. We want to be heard by our hierarchy and by the judiciary. If we become victims ourselves, who will protect the public?…We are in huge demand, but younger colleagues are being discouraged.” Officer to Nice Martin newspaper

Hundreds of police officers protested for a third night at the Place de la Republique square and the Champs Elysees avenue in Paris. Protests also occurred in Bordeaux, Nancy, Nice,  and Toulouse.

Two police officers were firebombed and severely injured as they sat in their car a couple of weeks ago, as we previously reported. When their colleagues are being attacked by roving gangs of migrants and others, with no visible support from the leadership, the police are naturally riled.

The French Presidential election is in 6 months. It’s too early to tell exactly who will be their frontrunner, but the right is rising in prominence, and former President Sarkozy is also in the mix. Francoise Hollande has not yet decided whether he will run for President again. Whoever wins will have to be of strong backbone to crack down on the violence against police.

According to Reuters, in the past two years alone, 230 people have been killed in jihadist attacks in France. Thousands of police and security personnel have been assigned to protect airports, train stations, and schools after the attacks.

In the politically correct world of France, “self-defense” is a bad word. Police officers who have to defend themselves are placed in untenable positions by the government.


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