French MP Buys Obama You’re a Douchebag T-Shirt

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The French MP, Senator Yves Pozzo Di Borgo, purchased a T-shirt with the notorious phrase, Obama, You’re a Douchebag on it while he was in Crimea.

While most news media claimed Di Borgo did not know the Russian language, and had no clue as to the content of the shirt’s message, we wonder.

While strolling around the streets on a two day visit to the peninsula, he found the article of clothing that RT stated, “speaks for itself” and snapped it up, even trying it on.

obama you're a douchebag

Senator Yves Pozzo Di Borgo

Depending upon your translation skills the t-shirt can say, “Obama, You’re a Schmuck” or “Obama,  You’re a Douchebag.”

Crimea’s sticky situation

The Senator from France is part of the UDI party, which is center-right. During the visit from French legislators, they interviewed people on the streets and in the shops, coming to the conclusion that the sanctions against Russia were unwarranted.

“I am very happy that I came here, because listening to you [residents of Crimea], I understand the position, which is not expressed anywhere – in any of the media in Europe, in none of the Parliaments of Europe, nor in the European Parliament or the Council of Europe, nor the OSCE.” Senator Yves Pozzo Di Borgo

Crimea, which is ethnically Russian,  voted to become part of Russia last March by a 96% margin. But declaring their vote illegal,  the EU and United States imposed sanctions on Russia that have created tense situations internationally.

The French MPs pro-Russian position will be a hard sell at home, particularly since their view caused Kiev to label them all as persona-non-grata (an unwelcome person) and barred them from entry into the Ukraine.

Are we sure it wasn’t the t-shirt that did it?



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