Freedom’s Price – Can You Pay It?

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Freedom’s Price – Can You Pay It?

In January of 2016, a handful of people protested the overreach of the Federal Government by occupying the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge near Burns, Oregon. And one of them paid the ultimate price for his insubordination. Freedom carries a bloody, hard fought price tag.


In the fight for freedom there are always double agents. Some of the protesters were genuine patriots, people who wanted to return the land to the ranchers who were forced out by the BLM’s heavy handed land grab…but among them were those whose agenda served only to push toward the death of one man.  We may never know how many collaborators were among them, but let’s just say there may have been more than one.

And let’s ask – why did they turn Lavoy Finicum into a martyr? What was the agenda behind that horrifying murder? Was it to force our hand…to create the ultimate game of who are the “enemies of the state?”


A United States Marine,a U.S.Army soldier, or any number of other members of the Armed Forces is -by their very training- aware off the cost of service to the nation. They know when they sign on the line that they may be required to give the ultimate sacrifice.

Can you, will you, as patriots be willing to do the same?

Robert LaVoy Finicum

All around the internet at theories, analyses of what happened to Mr. Finicum. From my perspective he is one man who paid the full price for defying the government.

LaVoy lost his children. He lost his life in what appears to be willful, calculated killing by Federal agents.

Liberals called for the deaths of the protesters. The Governor of Oregon shrieked her anger and demanded the FBI take action. People like Montel Williams screamed hate toward them. There was an agenda in those actions, whether the people involved in them realized it or not.


A grainy video image tells a story- and it is not a justification for murder


The federal government says that anyone who uses the word “tyranny” is likely a ‘domestic terrorist.’  When tyranny runs a nation, it builds enemies by labeling them. Mao Tse Tung, Hitler, Stalin, any number of totalitarian regimes throughout history have massacred millions because of that practice. When ordinary people stand up to tyranny, they die.

 freedom's price

This iconic photograph of one man standing in front of a row of tanks…could you do this?

‘How dare anyone protest the BLM’s land grabs? How dare anyone say they don’t like the Obama administration? How DARE THEY? How dare anyone stand against the loss of their lands, their children, their livelihoods? They are enemies, and they will pay!’

Guaranteed rights

The intent of the Constitution was to guarantee life, liberty, and property, not just the pursuit of happiness.  Our founders argued over that part, and ultimately decided that pursuit of happiness would cover their intent.

Property is no longer a right in America. Land grabs have taken the private land of many ranchers and ordinary people – by eminent domain, by the pressure from environmental groups.

Free speech is no longer a right in America.

Freedom of the Press is under attack when even student journalists are pushed away from reporting..such as occurred in Missouri..

Freedom OF religion, not from religion, is no longer a right in America. With business owners literally forced out of  their lifelong dreams because they refuse to do something counter to their religion, there is a problem.

The 2nd Amendment is continually breached…it is no longer a right in America. Though many states are fighting back, many others are tightening the noose…and the federal government is on the side of the hangmen.

Unreasonable search and seizure is no longer a right in states where civil forfeiture exists.

Due process is often a joke rather than a reality. Armed SWAT teams that kick in the doors of American citizens based on unsubstantiated claims…that’s not a right any more either.

Will you pay the price to restore these freedoms? Or will you leave them to the government to restrict and destroy?


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