Freedom of the Press Victory – Texas Dismisses Charges Against Citizen Journalists

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Freedom of the Press Victory – Texas Dismisses Charges Against Citizen Journalists

Today the First Amendment still stands in Texas. Citizen Investigative journalists David Daleiden and Sandra Merritt, from the Center for Medical Progress,  faced 20 years in prison for recording the Planned Parenthood scandal over selling baby body parts.  But today, Harris County Prosecutors dismissed all charges.

Turning the crime back on the whistleblowers

A misdemeanor count of attempting to purchase human body parts was dismissed against them previously in June by Harris County Court at Law Judge Diane Bull. The dismissal today of all felony counts ends their hassle with Harris County courts.

The Grand Jury had originally been called to investigate Planned Parenthood based on the videos the two recorded. But out of nowhere, the jury was wrongly held over and indicted the pair for using false identification, a felony, and a misdemeanor charge of attempting to purchase human organs, on January 25.

Murder Factory

Life Site News reported,

In April, their attorneys asked a judge to dismiss the charges, because District Attorney Devon Anderson’s office colluded with Planned Parenthood. PPGC’s attorney, Josh Schaeffer, told the media that from the outset of the potential charges, he “explicitly pushed prosecutors” to turn the investigation against the whistleblowers, rather than his clients.

Anderson confessed in a May court brief that her office may have skirted legal prohibitions barring such an incestuous relationship between accuser and accused, but the lawbreaking was “minor and harmless.” She further dismissed her office’s wrongdoing as a “mere technical, inconsequential violation of” the law and a “procedural irregularity.”

The same grand jury failed to bring charges against Douglas Karpen, a Houston abortionist whom multiple eyewitnesses accused of twisting off babies’ heads with his bare hands. Anderson had close ties to Karpen’s attorney.


David Daleiden was locked in a battle with Planned Parenthood, who tried to use the Harris County Prosecutor’s office to put him and his partner, Sandra Merritt in prison

In this case, the PP murder factory attempted to turn the whistleblowers into the bad guys through collusion with the prosecutor. It is clear that PP was selling body parts for profit, and they did not want to give up their source of income.



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